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This is why I would love to be a Mark Warner Mum.


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Holiday essentials are the people you go with, This is why I would love to be a Mark Warner Mum. When I sat back and thought about my top 10 holiday must haves I found it really was hard. All I could think of was the clothes, bikinis, suncream and passports and all the effort it takes to pack your life in a suitcase to travel halfway round the world.

Instead I wanted to think about all the good times we shared. Thats when I decided I can pack a case in double quick time, throw in a couple of flip-flops a few colour coordinating outfits and passport’s and bob’s your uncle. Anything else you can get when you are there or at the airport.

Holiday essentials are the people you go with, the laughter you share, the conversations, and the emotions that are essential to create the magical holiday just for you.

Including the must have hi-lights that will fill our lives forever.


This is why I would love to be a Mark Warner Mum.


So with that said, here are my top 10 travel must haves.


  1. Laughter, Have fun Think of all the great times you have had on holiday watching the children splash in the pool or dad getting up on stage to get dressed up.
  2. Lessons, Learn new experiences such as teaching your toddler to swim, learn to ski or snorkel. Or even learn to re apply your suncream more than once!
  3. Nature, swim with dolphins, stingray or even sharks. Climb trees, see lizards in there natural habitat and find beautiful plants and trees. Build sandcastles, dens or snowmen.
  4. Satisfaction, feel proud you have accomplished something wonderful , watch your children make new friends, go on stage, achieve a new skill and come out of their shells. Show off your tan or your new dancing skills.
  5. Love, spend one to one time with one child or your partner and grow closer each day sharing your new experiences. Hold hands, relax and use the time to forget about any worries and enjoy.
  6. Culture, learn about new places and traditions. Find beautiful buildings, architecture or hidden streets. Meet the locals and watch them go about their daily lives.
  7. Sharing and teamwork. Try new food and drink, reminisce about your day and share your stories over the evening meal. Take turns in activities and and doing jobs like getting the Ice creams or hot chocolates.
  8. Magic, believe in fairies, find Santa, search for ghosts and witches and watch your child’s face as they experience the wonders of the world.
  9. Emotion, feel adrenaline by running on the beach, abseiling, ride a zip wire or try something a bit scary! Or relax and calm your state of mind in the spa, or by the pool with a good book.
  10. Memories. Build the events of your life every day you travel. From the small snapshots of good times, to the big memories and stand out stories. Take photos, keep a journal, keep memorabilia and  tell your stories to your loved ones when you come home. After all the memories will last a lifetime.


mark warner mum



We have experienced some amazing holidays over the years and the memories will stay with us forever.

We have hunted for seashells, treasure and santa.

Found frogs, lizards and snakes.

Swam, dived, flown and climbed.

Laughed, screamed, smiled and cried.

Danced, run, rode and fell.

However we have never been skiing!

But most of all we have lived.



Take a peek at our  journey and our memories here :



I hoped you enjoyed my   “This is why I would love to be a Mark Warner Mum”

I would love to be chosen as a Mark Warner Mum and share our continued memories with you.

D x


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