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Teamsport Karting in Basildon


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 Let off some steam at the new venue Teamsport Karting in Basildon

I was pleased to hear that a new venue was opening for Teamsport Karting in Basildon. Sometimes entertaining the Boys and finding things that a family with older children can all do together is quite a task. When we heard about the opening of the new venue my son jumped at the chance to get his lap around the track.Teamsport is state of the art karting in a fun fuelled environment. The Teamsport Karting Basildon features tracks with a flyover and electronic timing. It makes for a great day out for the whole family of kids ,teens and adults alike.

Teamsport is located in Basildon’s festival leisure park and boasts a 500m multi level racing course that can accommodate up to 16 racers at any one time.



Team sport offers sessions for adults and families


On arrival drivers have to sign in and register to drive before collecting balaclava’s and jumpsuit’s. Next stop each driver will have a safety briefing and prepare to drive.

Drivers need no previous experience just the knowledge to have a good time.


Teamsport Karting in Basildon driver registration


One session of racing sees two 15 minute races around the track. With staggered sessions there is time to get your scores and have refeshments in between. when you have finished your laps detailed track scores are printed out after your race so you can see just how well you are your team mates have done.

Even if you are not driving its great to watch the participants race. There are two viewing areas one large open outside platform and a window below to see the karts whizzing by.


Teamsport Karting in Basildon go kart on the track


My Teen was so taken aback by how exciting it was he was back the next day to kart again! The split levels are really interesting taking you underground for a different driving experience.

Team sport offers sessions for adults and families, with the open timed sessions it is the perfect opportunity to get some laps under your belt. These sessions are designed for the over 13 with an inside leg measurement of at least 29 inches.
If you find you simply can not get enough of the karting the unlimited karting for up to 50 minutes is the one for you.


Teamsport Karting in Basildon rear rack and helmet view


Pretend you are a Formula 1 driver


Maybe your child wants to race at Silverstone one day or simply loves cars, kids from as young as 8 can race.
With specialty designed Cadet cars combined with a team who are professionally trained you can be rest assured children will have great fun.

Children aged 8-12 years need to have an inside leg measurement of 25″.

They also hold junior track days, birthday parties and corporate events, every need is catered for.


Teamsport Karting in Basildon underground karting


As part of the opening night Teamsport karting basildon had the original stig there to open the venue.

My son was actually beside himself when he realised he would be racing with original infamous Stig (Perry Mcarthy). Perry spent time mentoring the teams and racing along side them for the best part of the evening.

It is hard with teenagers finding things to do at their age that they actually find interesting. My son was so enthusiastic and completly in his element and I loved watching him have fun.




They even have a winners podium to get a photo of your winning position. See who gets the top scores and wins the race with your digital print out.



The all new venue is crisp and clean with a large bar area. They Serve hot food and beverages all within a clear view of the tracks.


Teamsport Karting in Basildon make for a great evening or afternoon out. You can even join and get a membership for added perks. They hold track racing days for juniors and other events so check out their website 

I was kindly invited to Teamsport karting in Basildon and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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