My Sunday Photo, My boys in Lincoln inn fields

I had to capture a quick shot of the boys over Lincoln inn fields before they noticed

This weeks My Sunday photo has to be this picture of my boys taken in Lincoln inn fields over the back of Holborn. It was lovely warm day and in bit of a rush I snapped a few shots when they sat down. My camera had flicked over to an odd setting so I ended up getting a lovely warm picture. I had to be quick because they are at that age of no photo’s.

I’m so incredibly proud of them both they both have a sense of humour and Leave us thoroughly entertained. They both have worked very hard this year, Harry in his West End show and Owen in his final exams. This September will see them both having a big change Owen into sixth form and Harry in to performing arts school.

They do not spend a lot of time together but when they do they get on quite well. It wasn’t always the same story!


My Sunday photo boys in lincoln inn fields photograpy

Thank you for visiting my Sunday photo at Lincoln inn fields


D x



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  1. My favourite so far this week and great to catch them unawares. I was meant to study here but you know what they say about the best laid plans.

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