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Salmon, samphire and spinach parcels

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I love dinners that are healthy and require very little preparation. These Salmon, samphire and spinach parcels are just the ticket when you have very little time but want a home cooked dinner.

Salmon, Samphire and Spinach Parcels

I find I spend so much time cooking and preparing, So its lovely to have something simple to make. So with these Salmon Parcels you simply throw it in some foil and straight in to the oven. You can even save on washing up and eat it out of the foil.

Salmon, Samphire and Spinach Parcels

Try this with any fish, Haddock or Tuna would work equally well. Change your veg? what about some leeks or maybe a few tips of asparagus?

Don’t forget to wash it down with a nice white wine, this time a slightly oaky buttery Sancerre from France.

Sancerre wine wine salmon

I love quick dinners so next time I might invest in one of these Tefal cook 4 me , that my friend Sarah is using over at Extraordinary Chaos. this could be a new revolution for me!

Please see the recipe below.


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