Queenz The Show with Balls!

London review Queenz the show with balls!, let’s look at what you are likely to get yourself into if you are booking Queenz the Show with the added extra! This vibrant alternative concert style show the Queenz with balls will have you singing out loud and shaking your hips. The Show consists of five Drag Queens who have come together to perform a drag extravaganza! Promising to sing like ‘Whitney and Dance like Britney’ it features powerful live vocals, and no lip-syncing at all!

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Queenz appeared on the TV show Walk The Line. They have also carried out a short tour in the UK and appeared the Edinburgh Fringe festival. They are now embarking on and strutting around the UK on a tour taking us into 2023. 

London review Queenz the show with balls! Everything you need to know before you book Plus dates and times pin image

London review Queenz the show with balls! Everything you need to know before you book

We were recently invited to attend Queenz, the Show with Balls, at the Arts Theatre in Leicester Square. The Queenz show is showcased and described as “The trailblazing, life affirming drag extravaganza taking the UK by storm. Featuring mind blowing LIVE vocals, and not a lip-sync in sight!”

We were recently invited to attend Queens the show with balls at the Arts theatre in Leicester Square. The cast of Queenz

Who are Queenz the show with balls and what is the show about?

These five Queenz divas comprising of five cheeky drag artist beauties with glamorous names that really know their stuff. They are not only dancers and performers but they can really sing! In fact they can belt out tunes from some of the best such as Tina Turner, Cher, Whitney Houston and Gloria Gaynor. 

The show is choreographed perfectly with show stopping moments and finales fit for the Royal Box. Each and every performer does a solo routine and they all know how to wow the crowd! 

True colours sung by the Queenz the show with Balls cast live on stage in London

Who are the Queenz?

One of the Queenz is played by Jaymi Hensley – Dior Montay (The White Queen ) who was a member of Union J who also finished 4th on The X Factor in 2012. In February 2019 Jaymi was announced as the new UK Joseph in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat touring the UK.

Flying that rainbow flag high in the sky Jaymi was one of the first hosts and panelists at the RuPaul’s drag con Uk in 2020. He also shortly after joined the official line up of Hits Radio Pride UK – the first national LGBTQ+ radio station.

The Five dazzling Queenz are;

  • Miss Dia Montay, White Queen – like Marilyn but even more mischievous
  • Candy Caned, Pink Queen – Sugar and all things SPICE
  • Bille Eyelash, Rock Queen – Feisty, Fierce and of course Fabulous
  • ZeZe Van Cartier, Blue Queen – Glorious in all their Non-Binary Finery!
  • Belle DuBall Gold Queen – our resident DIVA
Queenz the show with Balls cast live on stage

My review of What is the Queenz show is like

The first half of the show is lively and wild with big show stopping tunes and even a Spice girls medley. They turn the vibe to later sing a section called “Drag me to the musicals’ Here they sing musical theatre tunes from the likes of Wicked and grease but with a bit of a naughty twist! It is really funny as they add cheeky lyrics of thier own and also encourage the crowd to stand up and waves their hands.

Later on the show delivers a powerful message for the LGBTQ+ community. With be kind and honest to yourself and others being the main message followed by a rendition of True Colours which actually brought me to tears.

Following this is a powerful medley of LGBTQ+ Best known songs such as ‘I Will Survive’ and ‘I am what I am’. There is still a plenty of dancing going on and feels just like you are a party. You can not help but to get up and dance and sing along ( all of which is encouraged ).

You will be certainly entertained by lots of spilts and slut drops all served up with a generous splash of sequins feathers and plenty of dancing. In fact as the Queenz say themselves “its the pop party we’ve all been gagging for”.

There is plenty of audience participation too so be prepared if you are sitting at the front!

The running time for the show is around 1 hour 30 minutes with no interval which went pretty quickly. I think the fact that they skip the interval adds to keeping the flow and the tempo, whilst watching a dazzling multicolour set and acrobatic splits from the beauty queens in their heels! How they walk in those heels I no idea?

I loved Queenz and so did the group I was with. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who loves to be throughly entertained and also enjoys singing along too.

Flyer for the Queenz the show with Balls cast live on stage

Where to see Queenz the Show with Balls and when

So if you want to join these ‘death-dropping divas’ as they slay the biggest hits of all time. Take an opportunity to see them whilst they are travelling around the UK. The list of Queenz the Show with Balls Uk dates and times are as follows:


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