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A day at Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World Florida is one of my favourite Disney parks

A day at Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World is truly one of the most amazing experiences. Every time I have been it just gets better and this time was no exception, Whats better than a day in the Movies.

Some of the changes that they have made have been for the better and some of the older original attractions are simply still amazing.

Magic bands at Disney world Hollywood studios

What is the My Disney App?

One of the best new changes is the  My Disney experience App  and the use of the new magic bands.

The Disney app is the absolute passport to your trip, You can book all your restaurants, fast passes and shop, Also make changes, check out the waiting times and  view your photo pass.

I must say gone are the days of carrying around your photos in a plastic bag to get wet on some of Disney’s rides. Now you simply buy the photo pass, swipe your magic band or park entry card and they will automatically appear on your app. If you have the photo pass you can then download it straight to your phone!

The Magic bands stay on your wrist and every time you enter the park or have a photo taken you just tap on the Mickey ears.

The best thing is you can download the app long before your trip, plan ahead and even get an idea of waiting times for the rides.

A day at Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

What are the best rides at Disney hollywood studio?

One of the highlights of the attractions is the Twilight Zones Tower of terror.

The first time I went on this was not long after it opened in 1996, I did chicken out on the attraction the odd time, but I returned in previous years and this time I have to say it was one of my favourite rides.

From the moment you queue up in the old hotels garden to the check in desk with all the key fobs, With an old Trilby left on the side and perfume bottles with vintage handbags its just so authentic. The tower of terror needs a post in it’s self, so i’ll save this for later as i could talk all day.

Toy story mania green soldier hollywood studios

Get to Hollywood studios at rope drop

Its a good idea to plan your day maybe get there at rope drop when the park is less busy and save your fast passes for a little later, Not too late because you may want to book another when you have used up your first three.

We got there from the opening and popped in to Starbucks which is as far as you can go just before the park opens. In Starbucks they open the side door so you are in line to get quickly up to either queue for Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster or the tower of terror. Then maybe you can head of to  Toy Story Mania for a bit of shooting fun, I was actually quite competitive i must say!

Balloons at Hollywood studios

Hollywood Studios is set in a Art Deco world

Walking around the park is magic, the attention to detail is amazing. The streets are beautiful the buildings all in the same era as the corresponding rides.

The characters walk through and all interact, the Storm Troopers don’t stop for anyone they just say “move out of the way ma’am”!

Disney's Hollywood studios artchitecture

The Shows are brilliant and never fail to amaze us, Having two boys and only a day to spend in Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World We never got the chance to do Beauty And The Beast-Live On Stage. Instead we visited Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! Which was more up their street.

Whilst all the seating  areas are undercover a Mickey Cookie ice-cream is an absolute must whilst enjoying the show. The ice-cream stalls and drinks vendors are never hard to find and you really don’t need to queue for long.

Indiana jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

There is so much to talk about in Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World so it needs a few more posts. We also need a few more days to visit!

Next time we will be back to stay for longer as I feel a few more days were needed.

Bronze statue Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

 This is just a snippet of whats to offer and there are so many more pictures to show so ill be back.

Walt Disney World Hints and tips. The best of Walt Disney world florida the art deco world.


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  1. I loved reading this as we had a brilliant visit to the Hollywood Studios a few years ago and would love to go back. It’s not as well known as some of the other parks but it’s a brilliant day out, especially if you love movies.

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