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Company the Westend Musical showing now


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Bobby faces the thought of turning another year older!

“Bobby come on over for dinner”

When Bobby turns 35 her friends take it upon themselves to organise her a surprise party and invite her to dinner. While her friends who are all couples worry about her distinct lack of husband Bobby faces the thought of turning another year older and she pushes away everything that resembles her birthday.

The wonderful thing about going to theatre is the complete diversity In what you can see. Not everyone is interested in historic drama sometimes we are looking for something realistic and reassuring that resonates with our own life as it is now.

The company does just that, it’s a great introduction into theatre especially for someone young and diverse. Its also a pleasant fresh approach to stage for the seasoned theatre goers.

Company musical London West end The Company is set on a stage which is contemporary in design with large boxes of coloured neon lights.

Phone rings, door chimes, hear comes company!

While Bobby sits in her kitchen lisening to her voicemail birthday messages from concerned friends Bobby raises her eyebrows! As the music resonates the repeated name of Bobby in harmonious tones which are also fast paced you get feeling of desperation. The huge 35 balloons get pushed under the table whilst Bobby swigs her drink. Even though she doesn’t say it you can hear her say “Help! Be quiet! leave me alone”

The setting is contemporary and music upbeat.

The Company is set on a stage which is contemporary in design with large boxes of coloured neon lights. The stage moves through rooms that are plain in design with just enough information to know where you are. The music is quirky and repetitive which is brilliant as you feels like you know the tune even if you have only heard a few bars.

Dinner with company

You are taken on a journey with Bobby and her friends as she discovers thier quirky relationships whilst being invited to dinner. Although she tries to reasure her friends she has a multiple list of possible men on her arm for husband material her friends are not quite convinced.

As the dinners progress with friends she quickly learns thier lives are not so rosy either. Whilst on the surface they are happily married or they may seem to be Bobby is not so sure.

Company Musical Londons West end, quirky fun theatre in London

Imagination at its best

Some of the scenes are so well thought out. You see inside Bobbys head as she views herself as her future married self. She even turns in to a mini Alice in wonderland as she gets dragged down by the pressure. You can not fail to recognise parts of it and yet still enjoy it.

Have I got a Guy for you!

The show progresses with a mix of party celebrations and gestures of ‘Have I got a guy for you” all the while bobby just tries to work out who she really wants in her life or even who she needs.

The Company musical is upbeat interesting and engaging with a gaity you don’t often see in musicals nowadays. You are treated with songs where you get to know the words by the end of the stage production. It is funny and it makes you laugh out loud. A pocket of real life with just enough ups and downs.

Company Musical is a creative theatrical genius and thoroughly enjoyable!

Company showing at the Gielgud Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue in Londons Westend


Company is showing until the 30th of March at the Gielgud Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue. If you want try and catch some tickets you could have a look at my post here 

You maybe could get some top price lottery seats for just £25!

Do not miss it.

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