Best cocktails in London at Bar Termini

Perfectly precise cocktails in London at Bar Termini Soho



Best cocktails in London I hear you say! That’s a big statement. But I can not love this bar any more! Being Listed at number 9 on the top bars of the world it is hardly surprising.



Bellini heaven with classy roots

Now we are not talking pink umbrellas and sparklers here we are talking no fuss authentic well made cocktails.

When we went to Venice we had to go to the authentic Harry’s bar where the Bellini was invented. They serve Bellinis in small whisky type glasses admisdst the hustle and bustle of the venitian residents chatter.

Now not that I’m comparing Bar Termini to Harry’s ( no never ) but I found the perfect Bellini in Bar Termini! We have tried so many Bellinis all over the world and Bar Termini have mastered the homemade white peach purée to a tea! ( just like the original) Authentic typical Bellini served in a small glass in a bustling bar in the middle of soho.


Bar Termini drinks Bellini authentic venetian


Classic small plate Italian food


Now Bar Termini is tiny! VERY TINY! maybe 20 seats and a few bar stalls. We have managed to sidle in maybe once for a cocktail but to be honest you need to book.

You can eat in Bar Termini think small plate charcuterie and cheeses and all of which is pretty good. The burrata is amazingly fresh and the beef carpaccio is so tender.


Bar Termini soho food


New York sours


But there is something about this place the hustle the chatter the buzz and the perfectly made cocktails.

I had my very first expertly made New York sour last time I visited. I had no idea that I could like a bourbon!

A New York sour is Lemon juice egg, white bourbon whisky and a splash of red wine. Ok, it sounds a right mix but trust me it’s gorgeous!

If you are not up for the best cocktails in London try one of their well crafted Italian coffees.


 Bar Termini soho cocoktails New York sour

Bar Termini is great for all sorts  of occasions If you want a a quirky first date or a giggly chat with a friends Bar Termini is one to visit!

Thank you for reading Best cocktails in London at Bar Termini

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