Home decor Wrapped in Disney Memories at Christmas

Taking the Christmas decorations down is always a bit job in our house and is tinged with a bit of sadness. I love Home decor Wrapped in Disney Memories at Christmas. Now Christmas is over ill be boxing up my memories until next year.

Whilst sorting out the Christmas bits I came across this canvas I made about 10 years ago of owen and his Christmas list. Brings back Such lovely memories Of him at this age. How I miss having little ones that get excited about putting out the mince pie for Santa and a carrot out for the reindeer. The children are both growing up but it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and still feel like kids at heart.



Getting all of the decorations out of the loft brings back so many memories of different people, family and friends. I still love buying new Christmas bits I can keep year after year  but I also like it all to match with the decor. So this year I had kept the living room with the Copper gold and Blue theme which fits perfectly with our new decor. I love having a real tree, However I feel quite sad its not outside growing. I know they grow trees specifically for this purpose but it still doesn’t sit right with me. For this year at  least it looked lovely until the needles fell and littered the entire house but at least the water trough underneath served as perfect drinking trough for Dolly!



The hall however now that it has been freshly painted in Farrow and balls Stiffkey Blue, suits the traditional colours. This was the perfect opportunity to get out my Disney tree with a whole load of new memories.



It all started with the Beast about 22 years ago, Where I started collecting Grolier Disney Ornaments. After receiving the Beast I was smitten, Unfortunately  Grolier stopped sending to the uk, and now you can only subscribe in the Us or Canada via Early Moments.


disney christmas tree ornaments grolier


Pinocchio always reminds me of my Sister, She absolutely loves him and has a huge Big Figure of him. I now purchase most of my new ones from the states via eBay, Or each year in the Disney Store. Now many of them talk like Edna Mode below from the Incredibles.



The Disney Store sketchbook ornaments are just as beautiful and now come with a little silver year tag so you know when they were purchased. I am in love with the glass Finding Dory Ball, however I slightly panic when purchasing glass ones.



Each year the Disney tree takes quite some time, it involves a very laborious effort on all parts. Each one is individually boxed and wrapped to save breakages. I hang, Hubby takes them out of the boxes whilst Harry studies each one and tells me numerous facts about each Disney film, which order they are in and what easter eggs each film has.

I love my Elvis Stitch which is a Disney store sketchbook figure, It reminds me of Owen going to sleep listening to his Lilo Elvis album when he was small.


Home decor Wrapped in Warm Memories at Christmas


However well they are wrapped we still have some Casualties. Gepetto’s chair clearly can not stand up now due to missing spindles, But most are fixed quite easy when they have lost a leg.

As for being legless I usually am by the time the tree is finished as the usual christmas tradition involves drinking copious amounts of mulled wine whilst assembling.


Home decor Wrapped in Disney Memories at Christmas


I finally purchased a little tree with Copper and Todd from Fox and the hound  from the Disney store this christmas, they normally change them every year and then they become hard to find. I loved the Fox and the Hound as a child even though it slightly scared me.


disney christmas tree ornaments grolier


The Genie and Aladdin remind me of Owens year 6 school leavers play where he played Jafar. Buzz Lightyear was Owens hero as a boy where he would shout “to infinity and yond”

Louis the Alligator from The Princess and the Frog reminds me of my nanny Dolly who watched the film at the cinema with me. She adored Ray the firefly who was in love with Evangeline an evening star, She said it reminded her of all her loved ones not here anymore.


Home decor Wrapped in Disney Memories at Christmas grolier

So this year as I’m packing away my memories I’m wondering what surprises will happen over the year and which memories will be triggered when I open up each character next time.

I will stock up on a few new Disney ornaments this year as I vow to have it out every christmas, although I already have 95!

So for now I have boxes of Disney ornaments to be hidden away. Individual boxes for different colour baubles all ready to go in the loft.

2016 went past in a blur and christmas flew past too but it won’t be long before the memories will be coming back out to say hello.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Home decor Wrapped in Disney Memories at Christmas.

D x



  1. January 12, 2017 / 1:46 pm

    Hello Donna, your house is too good. You used the toys to decorate Christmas tree, it looks awesome. I will also try it on my next Christmas. Keep sharing blogs like this. Thanks for sharing such a lovely blog.

    • donswish
      January 12, 2017 / 5:01 pm

      Thank you, I love a bit of fun especially at christmas. Thank you for visiting x

  2. February 16, 2017 / 8:19 am

    Thank you for this lovely post. It takes me back to my childhood days. Very unique and attractive decor idea. My children will also love it a lot. I will buy Black and White Mandala Tapestry and hang some toys on it. Great post to reach out.

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