Visit the Jack the Ripper Museum London this Halloween.

Fancy something different? Why not visit the Jack the Ripper Museum London this Halloween.

The Jack the ripper museum is situated in Cabel Street London not far from the Tower of london, and not far from where the murders took place. I didn’t even Know it was there until recently while I was googling to do Ripper walking tour. Its a great little find and not for the faint hearted!

We jumped off at Towel Hill tube and took a short walk past St Katherines Docks to the Museum, We didn’t book but this may be advisable on weekends. Visit the Jack the Ripper museum this halloween.

It cost £12 on the door but is cheaper online in advance, there is also a walking tour that goes every day from the museum which you can add to your ticket.

We didn’t do that this day as we were short on time and I had previously done another tour.


The shop is well stocked with all paraphernalia related to the ripper cases from books to newspaper clippings and trinkets to remember your visit. You get a museum guide for your visit telling you about each room you visit.

The first room is Mitre Square where the murder of Catherine Eddowes took place on the 30th of September  1888. You see wax work figures of the victim and Police constable Watkins who discovered her body. It very eery and you can hear the hustle and bustle and it smells odd and old.

The Jack Ripper museum

On the Second floor you will find a sitting room much like what Jack the Ripper would of had in the day. This room creeped me out the most! it was full of artefacts , news paper clippings and items of clothes to try on.


On the table, you will find medical instruments, poison and drug bottles. At the desk are medical books on surgery, pens and quills and notes from the ripper. A doctor’s bag, which contains knives similar to those used to kill and mutilate the Ripper’s victims is on the floor by the desk. An old gramophone sits in the corner next to the fire place.


The bottles and blood spilt all around the room were very realistic, We spent ages in the room and all tried a jack the ripper top hat and cloak.


On the third floor you visit the Police Station.
A crime board shows the sites of the murders and the evidence the police collected. In the display case is the actual whistle Police Constable Watkins blew to call for help when he found Catherine Eddowes body in Mitre Square.


On the top floor you visit the victims Bedroom or at least what it may of looked like. There are notes on the all of the women all around the walls and information on what life may have been like for these women at the time. Would they rather use their money from the streets to buy Gin or a nights stay in a dorm room?


I found the stories of the victims particularly poignant, these were normally women trying to survive in very hard times.


The most disturbing room was the basement room, the Mortuary. On the walls are mortuary pictures of the women and details on how they were killed.


On the far wall is a Victorian stained glass window from the mortuary. Many of the women had no relatives and there bodies were buried in mass paupers graves.

The Jack the ripper Mortuary

So many people are still interested in the Jack the ripper case. Who was Jack the ripper? I still think the idea is that is was  Francis Tumblety an old american Quack is the most relevant suspect. There is information on the wall in the ripper room about him, and you can find out more here on this website Casebook.

Ones things for certain we will never know and I think that is why the case still gets so much interest.

So Visit the Jack the Ripper Museum London this Halloween. I was surprised how much this little quaint Museum has to offer and how much I learnt about the plight of the unfortunate victims.

If you fancy something a little less gruesome you can visit the house of Charles Dickens Here


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Visit the Jack the Ripper Museum London


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