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Centreparcs for Teenagers

Get the teens outside for some active fun

Centreparcs for Teenagers is perfect for some indoor and outdoor activity fun. Experience adrenaline rush activities tucked away in the heart of the forest. We love Centreparcs and have been going since before we had children. We loved it when the children were small and now with all of the activities we can enjoy it with the boys as teens.

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There are so many activities to do that suit all ages and interests. My two boys are not particularly sporty but love to be outside doing adventurous things, this year we tried some activities a little bit different. When I asked them what they loved about Centreparcs they told me, the WIFI, the activities the water slides and starbucks!

Centreparcs For Teenagers

On your bike

Even without the extra activities Centreparcs for teenagers is perfect. Centreparcs is a no car zone apart from pick up and arrival so you already feel safe to let the kids explore. We always take bikes with us which always goes down well with the boys. You can also hire them from the cycle centre. They are safe to ride off in front or go off on their own adventure and find some dirt trail somewhere. There is nothing better than going everywhere by bike and my two found it particularly funny getting lost in the dark on the way home!

Centreparcs For Teenagers bike image

Teenagers can have there own space.

The swimming paradise is amazing and always has to be our first stop, with slides and rapids they love it. After swimming we like to grab a nice relaxing glass of wine while the kids do their own thing. They love nipping off to grab a milk shake or a specialty drink over at Starbucks, or popping in to the supermarket for a Krispy creme donut. For the younger teens it feels like its their own village where they can have a bit more independence.

Centreparcs For Teenagers starbucks

Join the army

The activities are as my kids say “cool” We often do them together as a family but occasionally in pairs. Darren volunteered to join Harry in the Paintball, it is always a good one to book especially for the boys. It is completely safe and one for the more adventurous. I however am not sure I am ready to try this but Harry was brave enough to take up the task.

Centreparcs For Teenagers paintball

Fly a bird of prey

The Falconry experience was magical, We flew birds of prey held them and learnt about thier medieval history and their working life today. We were all in total awe of the birds it was amazing to get so close to thees beautiful birds. The handler had so much knowledge having worked with the birds his whole life, he knew all of their characters and quirks.

Centreparcs For Teenagers Falconry experience

Segway Experiance

Owen and I had a go at the Segway experience this time as Harry was not quite heavy enough to make them work. It was the most strange experience but one you can not do every day. Riding them around the forest on dirt trails may the experience all that bit more unique.

Centreparcs For Teenagers Segway Experience

Field Archery

The Field archery is great fun for all of the family, there are smaller bows for children and it is really safe. The boys loved competing against each other even though dad won.

Centreparcs for teenagers Field archery

The activities did not not stop there! we played numerous games of Pool and 10 pin Bowling. We took part in the high ropes challenge and spotted lots of wildlife. There is plenty to do at Centerparcs for kids even in the Rain!

You can see more of what we got up to in our video here.

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Centreparcs for teenagers Field archery, adrenaline rush experiences


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  1. I love Center Parcs so much and I have watched my 2 grow up holidaying there. Having similar aged kids it made me laugh about the wifi. Good wifi has to be top of the list when booking a holiday now lol. I love that CP gives them the freedom of going off on there own from time to time, but you still get plenty of family time x

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