Minalima Secret Harry Potter stop in London

Step inside a World of illustration in the House of MinaLima Harry Potter shop in London

This Harry Potter shop is a hidden little gem and a must for all Harry Potter and Fantastical Beasts fans. Tucked away in Greek street soho London is the MinaLima Harry Potter shop which is behind the illustrations and the art work for the Harry Potter films. If you are wandering around Soho you just may be surprised to stumble upon this adorable old  London house. The House of MinaLima is also a free Harry Potter London day out.

What Is Minalima?

MinaLima shop is also an exhibition of the graphic art of the Harry Potter™ films, and other works, by MinaLima. The shop is in a pretty pink old town house which houses new prints and pieces of work. The old crooked house was the perfect fit for MinaLima to house their products with winding staircases and uneven floors. You can  marvel at the illustrated delight’s inside including real props from the films.

Minalima, Miraphora ( Mina) and Eduardo ( Lima ) the illustrators met on the set of Harry Potter and shared their ideas. Since then they have gone from strength to strength and have created many designs for all of the Harry Potter books and Fantastic Beasts, including many new works of their own.

Mina Lima Secret Harry Potter stop in London

Mina Lima Secret Harry Potter stop in London

The Ground Floor Is the shop

As you enter the shop you will not know where to look first! creative pictures adorn the wall’s, ceiling’s and even the floors.

The House of MinaLima shop is full of surprises. All the graphic art prints that are exhibited on the upper floors are for sale and can be purchased in the shop. You can also purchase Harry Potter and Fantastical Beasts posters, stationery, accessories and books. The shop also features MinaLima’s illustrated series of Collective Nouns prints. You will find the books for Harper Collins which are Peter Pan, The Jungle Book, The Secret Garden, Beauty & The Beast  and Little Mermaid  with the related limited edition prints also in the shop.

Mina Lima Secret Harry Potter stop in London shop front

Mina Lima Secret Harry Potter stop in London

The Harry Potter floors of MinaLima, The Graphic Art of the Harry Potter Films

But it does not stop there they have turned the rest of the house in to a museum and showroom of all of their work. Over the floors of the old house you will find Harry Potter prints from all aspects of the film. Also in this Harry Potter shop you will see cascades of Harry Potter acceptance letters tumbling out of the fireplace and even a huge marauders map on the floor.

These three rooms are dedicated to featuring graphic art from the Harry Potter films. These are reproduced as limited edition art prints for sale throughout the shop.


Mina Lima Secret Harry Potter stop in London fireplace harry potter letters

Upper floor of MinaLima the Graphic Art of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Here you find yourself in 1920s New York immersed in the graphic designs created by MinaLima for the  Fantastical Beasts and where to find them film by J.K. Rowling. These reproduced images are displayed all over the walls and are limited edition art prints for sale. Authentic film props on loan from the Warner Bros are also displayed.

Mina Lima Secret Harry Potter stop in London shop front

Take home a piece of Minalima to adorn your walls at home

The fantastical beast book covers are stunning and the illustrations you see have been carried through from Harry Potter books. You will see packaging featured in both films some linking to the two together.

The printoruim includes prints adorned with gold foil and hand signed. Limited addition prints come in standard or premium and some in two sizes. Each one numbered as a perfect collectors item to keep for years to come.

I adored the Art Deco style No-Maj street Adverts. Exquisite Broadway advertisement signs as seen in Fantastical Beasts, they would look stunning on any wall.

Mina Lima Secret Harry Potter stop in London shop frontMina Lima Secret Harry Potter stop in London shop front

Displays of original artefacts.

In display cases around the house you will find original props that were used in the films such as books, Newspapers and sweet wrappers all on loan from the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour.

Mina lima harry potter books

Weasley Wizard Wheezes prints were bright and fun and exact replicas of the originals. Copies of the Daily Prophet, wizarding books and even letters and tickets can be purchased to frame.

See the framed posters of the newspapers made for the films. Each one was written with every page a story or a photo just like a real paper.

Mina Lima Secret Harry Potter stop in London shop front

You can even purchase amazing replica pieces such as the Hogwarts acceptance letter, wand permit’s or even replica school books. Smaller items such as badges and postcards are also available.

Mina Lima Secret Harry Potter stop in London shop front wand permit

Mina Lima Secret Harry Potter stop in London shop front posters

MinaLima Harry potter shop really is a treasure trove, you feel like you are wandering around a shop straight out of Diagon Alley.

Visit the MinaLima Secret Harry Potter stop in London for guided tours and also workshops on certain day’s.

It is totally Free Entry and no tickets are required.
(Last entry to the exhibition 15 minutes prior to closing)

Where is the House of MinaLima?

The House of MinaLima is in 26 Greek Street, Soho, London, W1D 5DE

Nearest Tube Stations to MinalIma shop are:

Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Tottenham Court Road and Piccadilly Circus

The house is open daily from 12pm to 7pm and entrance is free. However I can not promise you will not want to purchase something from this fantastic collection.

D x

Mina lima the ultimate Harry potter stop in London for potter fans in Greek street

The house of Mina Lima Harry Potter and Fantastical Beasts stop in London


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