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A day out in London on Regent streets traffic free sunday


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Whats better than a day out in London on Regent streets traffic free sunday?

We’d heard about the traffic free sundays and the Soho village fete so we decided to nip in to London and make the most of the sunshine. The day started well with Pokemon go on the train, apparently every station is a gym! Really I have no idea what this means but apparently this is good.

It doesn’t take us long to get into London about 30 minutes, so in no time we were at Liverpool Street station ready to jump on the tube.


First stop was Regent street, for the traffic free Sunday. These are taking place throughout July and each week theres a different theme from a garden party to a Fashion festival. The streets were lined with deckchairs and a brass band played idyllic tunes whilst people lounged around on fake grass.

It was surprising quiet with no cars or buses zooming by but the hustle of people was evident, with everyone making the most of the summer sun and sale bargain hunting. It was very strange walking down the middle of the huge road normally inundated by car chaos, but I must say I felt much safer and on a hot day much cleaner without the exhaust fumes.

A day out in London on Regent streets traffic free sunday

Next stop was the Soho village fete, This has been taking place in soho for the past 42 years. Created in the 1970s when Soho was under threat from property developers and big business, the summer fête was devised as a celebration of the community.

The Waiters Race which was an old soho tradition has now been brought back and the proceeds of this go the Waiters benevolent fund. This is a charity for diligent staff who can sometimes ill afford to live in the expensive places where they work and can often find themselves financially vulnerable. This was particularly funny and they won some great prizes it was great to see so many restaurants taking part.

A day out in london Soho village fete

We were most excited to see the Fabulous lounge swingers who we had seen before at Club 100 in Oxford Street . They are a great alternative London band who do crazy covers in a swing style, what an energy they present they are well worth looking up.

The soho fete had a lot going on, ice-cream stalls, Cider stall, snails races and even a spaghetti eating competition.

A day out in london Soho village fete

Then we were off on our merry way  to  Hardys Sweet shop! We simply could not go past with out taking a look, I wasn’t so impressed with Harrys choice of sweets Bean Boozled which is a jelly bean game consisting of vomit and baby wipe flavoured jelly beans! Hence to say i lost every game.

A day out in London on Regent streets traffic free sunday hardy sweet shopYou really can get almost any type of sweet or chocolate and  Harry was definitely like a kid in a sweet shop! Good job he had his Go Henry pocket money card!

Harrys sweet shop a day out in london

So all in all a great day out exploring just a small piece of what the summer of London has to offer.

If you have any ideas on what to do this summer leave a comment, we love trying new places.


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