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Would you leave your front door open? Keeping your younger child safe from the internet!

Just looking at what children can see in tKeeping your younger child safe from the internet!

Keeping your younger child safe from the internet!

Just taking a look at what your child can see and do on the internet has worried me a lot as my youngest one has started to want more freedom.
I had a good look myself at what help i could find to teach my child the dangers and came across the CEOP COMMAND website ( formally the child exploitation and  online protection centre) hopefully this will Keep your younger child safe from the internet!


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They have this great program thinkuknow.co.uk aimed at children of all ages which includes advise and very thought provoking games and information aimed directly at each age group.
Think you know carefully reminds children that under 13 they shouldn’t be on a lot of the social media sites. This is something i wasn’t that worried about but in light of some of the many horror stories you here this is something i now fully support.

Children of today have a totally different outlook on how life is and having the internet at the tip of  there fingers can be a blessing when it comes to doing there homework and socialising but at the same time can ruin your childs life.

Lets take a look at the 8 to 10 years old, They really don’t understand how far there information can actually travel and who it could be seen by. It asks children natural questions about the real world and the children are shocked that they are doing most of those things in the virtual world.
Would you leave your door open?
You will find on the website information on gaming , chatting , mobiles and emails more information than i even thought to tell my own child.
There are games aimed at young children all to teach them about how there information travels. And even a code cracking game which teaches the children to screenshot and watch out for any unusual behaviour.
I cant understand why i didnt know about this site before!
The Ceop have also made these great films aimed at the children in each age group, here is the 8 to 10 year olds video, my child will certainly be watching.
 Children are only young once lets not let strangers steal that  precious time from them.
Every child matters.




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