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Why I buy my Beauty products at QVC

Elemis is one of my favourite beauty products but it can work out expensive especially if you like all of it. So this is why I buy my Beauty products at QVC! I am going to let you into a little secret on how to check out QVC  and get your Beauty products for a fraction of the price!

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Why I buy my Beauty products at QVC Elemis 6 piece day to night collection from QVC

The Elemis Pro-collegen day to night 6 piece gift set

If you look out for the Today special values on QVC you are guaranteed to get great value for money. This 6 piece Pro-collegen set was just £46.94 and was available on 4 easy pays with delivery of just £13.95! Some of the sizes may be smaller than the original but most are full size and it still saves you over £100!

In this set I received

  • 1 x Cleansing Micellar Water Supersize!
  • 1 x Limited Edition Pro-Collagen Marine Cream  
  • 1 x Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream 
  • 1 x NEW Warm Tonka & Vanilla Bath & Shower Milk (300ml
  •  1 x NEW Warm Tonka & Vanilla Oil-Rich Body Cream (120ml)
  • 1 x NEW Warm Tonka & Vanilla Hand & Nail Balm (50ml) 

Perhaps one of the best reasons to shop this way is that you also get to try products that you may not normally try. In this set my new favourite product was the cleansing Micellar Water. The Elemis Micellar Water in the Supersize is normally £44 on its own. This fabulous cleanser removes make up and impurities is light and easy to use and smells fresh. It leaves my skin feeling so clean and not tight.

The Warm Tonka creams and shower milk has the most edible and luxurious smell almost like chocolate. 

Elemis Peptide night saviours

This night time set was also a no brainer for me it is such great value for money and beautiful products. They smell wonderful with aromas of lavender for calming sleep. 

This set was around £54 which was also unbelievable value for money, most of these products are normally around £35 each.

  • Elemis oxygenating Marine night cream
  • Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil 30ml FULL SIZE
  • Peptide4 Thousand Flower Mask 15ml
  • Peptide4 Eye Recovery Cream 15ml FULL SIZE
Elegies Peptide night creams

How do I know when the offers are on?

This is my biggest tip! To find out what each Today’s special value (tsv) is you need to check the TV guide. Online the QVC TV guide displays what will be on air throughout the day.

Each day the guide starts at midnight and the QVC TSV is launched. If the programme at midnight is Elemis then the Todays special value will be Elemis. If the programme at midnight is for instance Lulu Guiness then you can pretty much guarantee the TSV will be a Lulu Guiness product. You can view the TV guide up to two weeks in advance.

What is auto delivery?

This is another reason why I buy my Beauty products at QVC. Auto delivery is enables you to purchase the product again for the same special price. Meaning if you purchased your favourite foundation and beauty package on a Today’s special value you can choose auto delivery to have it redelivered again 3 months later for the same price. It can be different terms such as some are every 3 months for a year and some maybe 4. This Means you never pay over the top for your beauty products and you can cancel this subscription at any time.

So now you know why I buy my Beauty products at QVC I love the fact you can try new products for a fraction of the price and get them a few months later when you run out. Some of these beauty gifts often are cheaper than a facial moisturiser alone. QVC Today special value is ever changing but they generally do repeat main brand products a couple of times a year.  You will find, hair products, Make up, clothes, shoes and even home accessories.

Why not have some pamper time in the new year and treat yourself.

D x


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