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Where have my Summer kids Gone?

As the sun is starting to fade and the children are all back to school, with early mornings and shirts and ties. I sit here wondering how it all went so fast, Where have my Summer kids Gone?

This Summer was a big change for our family. Owen is going in to his final year at senior school and Harry has just moved up in to Big school. I must say both of them have transitioned really well, it’s only myself who is really struggling with this.

first day at senior school

The obligatory First day photo was taken of Harry in his big school uniform, All shiney and new. Whilst Owen wouldn’t even let me see him out of the door. Where are my two little boys who used to hold my hand to cross the road?

Trying hard as I might to stifle the tears this post is about celebrating what we have done and how in the last 6 weeks I’ve seen my boys truly grow.

Our summer holiday started with a holiday of a lifetime, First stop was Walt Disney World where we met many characters and had the most Magical time. The boys took selfie’s with characters and loved all of the rides.

Walt Disney World toy story soldier

We met with some old friends in Orlando who really made our time special, thank you for coming to visit us and sharing your Vacation, Steve, Carrie,Sam and Morgan.

Pluto Walt Disney World

We visited Applebee’s in Orlando where the boys were amazed by the amount of different Lemonade flavours they had. The fact that they could play games at the table meant that we lost them for another few hours!

applybys orlando

We flew over Over Orlando and Walt Disney World ,The boys even got to fly the plane too!

 flight over orlando

Moving on to Universal Studios and the Wizarding world of harry potter of which was a huge high light of our stay.

Wizarding world of harry potter

A short hop across the ocean took us to the Stunning Beaches Resort in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Where the boys experienced the most amazing beaches, Snorkelled, and went diving.

Stunning Beaches Resort in  Turks and Caicos Islands

We witnessed the most amazing Sunsets.

summer blog

The boys made many friends  for life and stayed out late at the teens disco. In fact we became a bit redundant, I actually missed them.

summer blog

We  ate some fantastic food!

summer blog

Before going home we even painted  a sign to stay permanently on our favourite island.

summer blog

Time flew and we were back home and straight up to London for Harrys shows, Where we took advantage of the Roald dahls BFG dream jar trail.

charlie and the chocolate factory big dream jar

Before the summer was over we had a last minute surprise for the boys with a mini break in Edinburgh. We visited the amazing Edinburgh Tattoo a must do when staying in edinburgh in the summer.

Edinburgh Tattoo

We met many interesting characters on our trip!

summer blog

The boys even communicated!

edinburgh castle

Even the Edinburgh Royal Botanical Gardens came in handy for catching Pokemon!

Edinburgh botanical gardens

The end of the Holiday saw a trip to the Free entry Victoria and Albert Museum of childhood which was my childhood favourite museum in London.

V an A Museum of Childhood

Last but not least taking advantage of Harrys Annual Pass for Southend Adventure Island’s,  we caught a last minute day out on some rides.

southends adventure island

In fact this has cheered me up, knowing how much we packed in to those six weeks. Now looking forward to fun in the October Halfterm.

Thanks to Tracey Williams over at The Williams World for inspiring me to look back on our fantastic time.

Thank you for looking I hope you had a lovely time during your summer break.

D x





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  1. Aw thank you for mentioning me. Your summer sounds AMAZING, from Walt Disney World to Edinburgh. I would love to to do WDW and then go over to Turks and Caicos. Beaches looks idyllic and I can imagine it is so chilled out compared to the craziness of WDW. I love giving the kids so many different memories over the summer, and you can tell by the pictures the boys look happy, amazed and chilled out. Hope Harry is settling in well to big school x

    1. Was a lovely holiday thank you. Thank you for inspiring me to do the post. It was only when I looked back on the photos I saw just how happy they were. x

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