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Where have I been all week?

Where have I been all week? all the days have blended in to one. I’ve been chasing my tail this week and I am beginning to wonder if I’ll ever slow down. This week has been filled with good friends, Quirky outfits, and Gin.

Last week started well with a trip to London where we grabbed some tickets to How the other half Love, which is a great comedy play set in the 1960’s. Set around two dinner party’s and the after effects of one couple trying to cover up their affair.

Very funny and cleverly done with a great set and fantastic 60’s outfits.

How the other half lives

Sunday saw a fab little vintage fair with my friend Tanya, where I made few purchases including a vintage flight case and a rather bright check 60’s dress. My love of the 1960’s era is starting to show!

vintage fair essex

Midweek I had a fantastic impromptu trip up to Lancashire to stay with one of my long time best friends Sarah at Extraordinary Chaos  I love how we pick up exactly how we left of every time we meet. I left from platform 9 3/4 and promptly arrived in picturesque Lancashire.

kings cross platform 9 and 3/4

I was throughly spoiled during my stay and enjoyed copious amounts of gin!  Sarah has found a new love of gin and will be doing a post every two weeks with a new cocktail recipe so I am eager to see what she comes up with, I had no idea you could get so many different flavour  of gin and tonics!

Lancashire hills

We even managed to get some gym time in after Sarah gave me my master class with some blogging tips.

Ive known Sarah for 20 years and our children are the same age. It was so funny ,having not seen the boys for ages I could instantly see the age related similarities with my two. Hopefully it will not be too long before we all catch up again soon.

Friday I managed to get out with the girls in to London where we visited the Jack the Ripper Museum followed by some cheeky Cocktails at Londons Cocktail week.

Jack the Ripper Museum london

Our first stop had to be Cahoots  for a gin cocktail. The Cocktail village was based in Spitlefields market and had many different brands of drink with all cocktails for £5 we had a field day and really loved it.

london cocktail week cahoots

A wrist band costs £10 and gets you access to bars all over London offering Cocktails for £5, A book gives you all the information on each cocktail that each bar is offering and a detailed map. I’ll be back next year.

All in all I had lots on my to do list and felt that I had accomplished nothing. But it appears that I have achieved quite a lot, i’ve been to many stations, drunk lots of Gin and met with some lovely friends. Complete Therapy with friends.

Thanks for checking in.

D x

The Reading Residence





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Cal at Family Makes

Monday 10th of October 2016

Good friends, quirky outfits and gin! Plus vintage, cocktails and a bit of Harry Potter thrown in...what's not to love?!? Sounds just about perfect (although I must admit I'm not a gin drinker, but I get it, I really do!) Nice to meet you, followed you on Twitter too. #WotW


Tuesday 11th of October 2016

Thank you, I know think I fitted quite a bit in! thank you I'll come and find you.

The Reading Residence

Monday 10th of October 2016

What a wonderful sounding week! Full of fun and friends, with the added bonus of gin! Thanks very much for sharing with #WotW


Tuesday 11th of October 2016

Was a very busy week, thank you for hosting x

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.