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Watercolour Brush Pen flower Tutorial

Learn how to use a watercolour brush pen to create these easy watercolour flowers and then make a gorgeous pop up card In this Watercolour Brush Pen flower Tutorial

Learning how to use watercolour brush pens can be tricky but once you have mastered it you will be painting away with ease. One of the easiest things to paint with watercolour brush pens is flowers! They are simple and you can arrange them in many ways. They leave a lot room for mistakes as flowers are natural so it is a good starting point when beginning to paint with brush pens.

Watercolour Brush Pen flower Tutorial To make flowers and pop up card

How to paint flowers using watercolour brush pens easily and make a pop up floral card

In this Watercolour brush pen tutorial you will learn how to create watercolour brush pen flowers easily in many different colours. You will be using brush pens a paint brush and some water.

You can either paint a picture with them or cut them out and use them as scrapbooking embellishments or even make a card with them! 

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water colour brush pen flower tutorial to paint flowers, on a desk
I used Nova Craft Pens for this project supplied by Craft Label

Watch this video tutorial on how to make watercolour brush pen flowers

What watercolour brush pens can I use?

These easy water colour flowers are made with watercolour brush pens but you can also use water based pens such as Tombows. 

What pens can you use for watercolour flowers?

I used Nova pens in the rainbow colours but you can also use any water colour brush pen including;

What do I need to make Watercolour brush pen flowers?

This is what you will need to make watercolour pen flowers;

What can I make with watercolour brush pen flowers?

Beginners Watercolour Brush Pen flower tutorial flowers step by step

To start step 1 draw the start of petals with the brush pen

In this Watercolour Brush Pen flower Tutorial to paint a flower you are going to create small v Shapes where you want the petal to be.

For instance if you want to draw a 4 leaf flower you will draw 4 v shapes in a circle. If you want to draw a 5 petal flower then draw 5 V shapes in a circle. Each v shape is the corner of the petal the brush pen is used as your colour swatch

draw a v for each petal with your brush pen
draw a v for each petal with your brush pen

Step 2 drag out colour with wet brush 

With a wet paint brush drag out the shape of the petal as large as you want. This creates a loose flower petal effect. You may need to work quickly as the pen can dry and make it not as effective.

water colour brush pen tutorial pull out petal shapes with water on brush
water colour brush pen tutorial, pull out petal shapes with water on brush

Step 3 drop in extra colour 

Drop in extra colour on the wet petal if you wish to darken the centre or add another colour. Use your pen to add extra pops of colour the same as the flower or a different colour. This is particularly useful if you are creating a pansy.

drop in extra colour

Step 4 group flowers

Group flowers together in bunches for interesting effects.

Step 5 add leaves 

Add leaves by working in the same way. Start with the inside corner then pull out the colour with a wet paint brush.

add leaves to watercolour brush pen flowers
do the leaves in the same way

Step 6 add stems 

Gently draw stems with the pen directly on the paper.

Step 7 try different flower shapes 

Experiment with different flower shapes in the same way. You can draw rose buds by creating a small v painting on the water in shape then dropping in a green for the stem after.

Roses can be created in the same way by drawing c shapes in a circle and gently dragging them out. 

different shape watercolour brush pen flowers

Watercolour brush pen flowers project easy flower pop up card

What should you do with the flowers once you have painted them? The flowers make great pop up cards when they are cut out! Use them to make a pop up card or a birthday card. It is really simple and they look so beautiful for a gift.

watercolour brush pen flowers on a pop up card tutorial on hoe to paint flowers with brush pens

Step 1 floral pop up card

I painted lots and  lots of flowers with my watercolour brush pens. I then waited for them to dry before cutting them out.

cut out floral watercolour brush pen flowers
Flowers cut out and ready

Step 2 Cut a strip of paper the length of card

You can make an easy floral pop up card by folding a strip of paper that is the same length as your card. 

Fold card strip in step 3

It needs to be able to be folded length ways at least 3 times in to a valley fold. This will leave a strip on either side to be attached to the card.

Step 4 attach strip

Attach strip in side card with glue. Double sided tape is stronger. Attach one side of each leave middle free

fold inside a pop up card
attach one side of each leave middle free

Step 5 add flowers

Using the folds that are sticking up attach flowers with glue. Smaller ones at the front and larger or longer stem ones at the back. 

Add flowers to pop up card  watercolour floral card tutorial
Add flowers to pop up card watercolour floral card tutorial

6 add decoration to the front

Put a happy birthday on the front with a few more watercolour brush pen flowers. 

The flowers make great pop up cards when they are cut out! 

Put a happy birthday on the front with a few more watercolour brush pen flowers. 

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