Tips For Visiting London

There is always something exciting to do in the capital city of London, so whether you’re only there for a few hours or a whole weekend, make sure you don’t waste a moment! Here we have put together a list of ways that you make the most of the time your time in London. With must do things to do for your first time in London or even the seasoned traveller.

In these Tips for visiting London we will discover what to do and what not to do in the city of London. You may likely have a plan on where to go such as Londons Soho district or one of the many unusual museums or attractions. But what about seeing the side of London that the Londoners see in and around London? What’s the best way to use public transport or what should you remember to do on your London trip? Here are a few London travel tips on your day trip to london on your next stay in the capital from a Londoner.

Tips for Visiting London on your first time. Where to go and what to do in london with Tips from a Londoner.
Tips for Visiting London

Tricks and Tips For Visiting London, where to go, what to do and where to eat

London phone box outside the House of Parliament. Woman leaning on box with Westminster station behind
London phone box outside the House of Parliament

Seek out Londons Skyline

Where can I get some great shots of the london Skyline?London look amazing from the sky! These tips for Visiting London skyline are places that will make great photo opportunities while you are in the city. For some amazing photos of London try these stunning places to take photos from up above or the skyline of London;

  • The sky Garden
  • Up The monument
  • The Shard
  • The Royal opera house for views of Covent Garden
  • View of the london eye from Westminster pier.
perfect Aerial shot of Covent Garden from above head to the Royal Opera house
Perfect Aerial shot of Covent Garden from above head to the Royal Opera house

Plan your trip to London in Advance

It goes without saying, but London is a big city if you fail to plan you will likely miss out on some of the bigger busier places to visit. The big attractions get booked up quickly in advance so plan what you do not want to miss. Figure out what is close to what, so you can make the most of your time without spending too much of it on the tube going back and forth.
Some of the more popular attractions such as Buckingham palace should definitely be booked in advance. But there are many smaller attractions such a free walking tours, Thames river cruises, London open top buses and free museums such as the natural history museum that you can just turn up to.

There’s always something going on in London, which is one of the best things about the city. So, if you’re a foodie looking for a London food festival, you’re a music lover in search of a gig, or you’re a creative wanting to go and check out an art exhibition, then make sure to plan in advance. Often, tickets for these events can sell out early, so if you haven’t planned sufficiently then you could end up disappointed. There are also London companies that do London passes so you can get the most out of your stay.

Buckingham palace London Woman standing in front
Buckingham palace London

Skip the tube and Wander the streets of London

Another tip for visiting london is to walk! Although you may want to get an London travel Oyster card for easy tube travel is also good to skip the tube and explore. Whilst it is good to have a loose plan to follow, you don’t need to have a minute by minute schedule. I have found some of the best things to do in london by simply walking around the back streets and exploring the quirkier side of london. One of the best things about London is that you can wander from place to place and find hidden gems without even trying. There’s cool stuff everywhere to stumble upon such as street art in Shoreditch, beautiful eateries and tiny restaurants and plenty of green open spaces and parks.

Go on a Free Walking Tour

Not so sure about wandering on your own then try a free walking tour in London where you can explore and learn about different parts of the city. Not only can you find different parts of London but you will learn about the history of London and more places to go while you are at in. If you are walking in London you often come across things you never knew where there!

Plan where to eat in London and avoid overpriced restaurants

Plan where to eat in London and avoid overpriced restaurants by doing a bit of research before you go. Lots of attractions have expensive restaurant’s nearby but not necessarily good food. Look for smaller individual eateries off of the beaten track and time when you eat. If you are eating before a London theatre show book ahead as restaurants get booked up quickly between the matinee finishing and the new show starting.

Search where to eat near certain theatres such as food near the Theatre Royal Drury Lane or where to eat near the Lyceum theatre. That way you can plan ahead

Chat to Local Londoners.

If you’re a bit stuck and not sure how to spend your time, then ask someone for advice. If you know anyone who lives there, reach out. You could try asking someone who works where you’re staying, a black cab driver, or even just try to strike up a conversation with a stranger if the opportunity arises. Londoners are friendly and will love showing you where to go so don’t be shy. It’s always great to get tips from somebody who knows the area you’re in well, and you might end up finding something fun to do that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Beware of Tourist Traps In London

Whilst some tourist activities are enjoyable, they can get incredibly busy, expensive and end up being disappointing. If you do want to go to these places, then try not to go at peak times, as you might find you have to endure long queues. check out if you can get skip lines by getting tickets online.

You can also get two for one tickets if you travel in by overhead rail so check those out too. Also, be wary of restaurants and shops near big tourist attractions, as they can often be overpriced there are many other restaurants in London a little further out that are just as good.

Visit a London Pub!

You haven’t been to london unless you have visited a London pub! London has so many of them! There are pubs with very old histories, tiny cosy pubs, gastronomic pubs and modern trendy pubs. All of them are true British pubs and it’s worth a visit to break up your day.

Crown and Anchor pub in London Covent Garden
Crown and Anchor pub in London Covent Garden

Stand on the Right Of the escalator

This may seem simple but Londoners are always in a hurry and standing on the right of the escalator is the done thing in London to allow London workers and other tourists to walk up on the left.

Don’t use expensive ticket booths for theatre tickets in london

A trip to the West End Theatre while you are London should not be missed but do not be caught out by expensive ticket booths! There are many ways to get cheap London theatre tickets as well as London theatre lottery tickets where you can get tickets as cheap as £10!

Take Lots of Pictures as it is one of the most picturesque places in the UK

As you may know I love to take photographs as they make great memories. I do not ever want to forget a sight in my memory bank. In a city full of famous landmarks, quirky venues and beautiful skyline views, you must take a camera to shoot photos along the way to remember your trip. When you’re back from your visit, you can show off what you’ve seen to your family and friends.

I like to do lots of things with my photos when I’m home such as scrapbook them, they become the most important part of my trip! If you get some extra special shots, you can even turn them into custom photo prints that you can decorate your home and walls with. Hello Canvas is a great idea and they do unique canvas prints for your home so you can always remember that special place from your London trip.

Make use of Londons free attractions and museums

Many of Londons attractions are free especially the museums and art galleries. Check these out first! There are so many of them here are a few free attractions to explore in London.

This is a list of some of the free museums and galleries in London.

  • The Bank of England museum
  • The National Gallery
  • The national Portrait Gallery
  • The Museum of London
  • Guildhall art gallery
  • Saatchi Gallery
  • British Museum
  • Natural history Museum
  • National Maritime museum
  • Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Tate Modern
  • The Welcome collection
  • The Queens House
  • Sir John Soane’s Museum
  • London Mithraeum
  • The British Library
  • The Wallace Collection

Visit the London parks for a free day out

London has so many parks and gardens to explore which is perfect for a day out. A London park or outdoor space is great all year round escpecially in the summer when you can hire a deck chair, grab an ice cream or cool off in a outdoor fountain.

Visit London at Christmas as it is beautiful in winter!

Do not avoid London in the winter as it can be beautiful but cold! Wrap up warm and book something exciting such as Iceskating on a London ice rink or a Christmas opera at the Royal Opera house! Do not forget the Christmas lights and all of the stunning displays at department stores in London dressed just for Christmas.

Regent street Christmas lights in london
Regent street Christmas lights in london

We hope you enjoy your trip with the help of these Tips For Visiting London!


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