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The face behind the blog, overcome self consciousness in photos.


Me in My Sunday Photo!

I’ve been trying to get my head around photos of myself, I have realised I need to be more personal on my blog, after all it is about me. Having come to a point where I am missing out due to my own inferiority and I need to overcome self consciousness in photos.

I don’t think anyone is really comfortable with their own self image, I would rather take a picture of a a building or some flowers rather than myself or take a flat lay of a top on a table but what is the point? You can see that hanging in a shop. After buying a nice dress I would try to take a photo of myself wearing it for my blog and then instantly delete all of the pictures. But I am only cheating myself, no one cares what I look like, this is who I am!

In this  photo there is no filter,  my hairs very windswept, I’ve hardly any make up on and my skin looks bad. This however is my perception of myself, and I need to move on and enjoy my blog and not worry. After attending some great seminars last week at Blogtacular I am starting to come around to realise it isn’t about me and I do not need to fear being seen.

Actors do not care what they look like on film even when they are portrayed in bad lights, no make up or even naked. They are focusing on the craft, the movie.



The face behind the blog, overcome self consciousness in photos.



So here are some tips on overcoming self consciousness in photos and taking photos of yourself.

Come to the realisation that people see you as you. Other people do not care, they think you always look the same.

You are missing out, show them your craft, show people what you can do. Shine!

Ask people to take a photo for you, use great backdrops or turn your head.

Confidence can be learnt, fake it until you finally do not care.

Build up to the big here I am, Take photos of your feet on different flooring, take a photo of your top with a bag on your arm, get someone to shoot your picture from behind.

Take a selfie, cover half of your face with your hand or just show your eyes. Use props such as a camera or a bunch of flowers.

Take a photo from a bit further away. Set up a tripod in your garden and use a self timer.

Above all remember you are your own worst critic. Enjoy the photos you make as works of art, you are the artist it’s your photo, your Instagram or your blog. Do not let others feel like you can not share yourself on your platform. I hope you can become one step closer to overcome self consciousness in photos.

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  1. So true and as you know I have been working hard on this lately too, but I suppose its important to be able to relate to the person behind the blog to fully engage x

  2. Great move Donna! I think we’re naturally all self-conscious as humans (and also being British!) but I love getting to know people on a more personal level via blogging so keep it up X #MySundayPhoto

  3. This is a brilliant piece. You are absolutely right. You just look the same to others, they don’t see the difference between your good or bad day. X

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