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Self Storage Benefits

Is self storage a good idea and is it worth it? Lets find out the benefits of using a self-storage unit and all that it has to offer. The simple benefit of using a self-storage unit is that it provides extra storage for things you do not want to or cannot store at home or in the office. This may be temporary or permanent. It may be family heirlooms you do not want to part with or things you want to eventually sell. If you are having a big clear out and want to declutter your home you may be left with lots of items you do not have the time to sell or throw out. In fact using self storage can help you when you are desperate, making home improvements or moving home.

Self Storage Benefits

Is self storage a good Idea? What are the benefits of using a self-storage unit

The cost of a storage unit will be a lot less than buying a building As you rent the storage. By renting a space you will get a lot more storage space to accommodate all the stuff. Check out this storage cost guide for more information on how much storage really costs and where to get the best storage costs near you. Read on to discover the benefits of using a self-storage unit.  

12 reasons to use self storage;

  • For extra space at home or work
  • Use self storage whilst making home improvements
  • To declutter your home
  • For temporary storage when moving home
  • Temporary storage before selling items
  • Use when downsizing your home
  • For work tool storage when working from Home 
  • For quick storage space in a hurry
  • Storing valuables whilst away from the home on holiday or vacation
  • Self Storage to save money instead of buying storage
  • To keep valuable items safe
  • To keep family heirlooms
  • Self storage can be used for when moving abroad

Why would you need self-storage and what are the Self Storage Benefits? Many people use the facilities of self storage and it helps them greatly. Lets look at the reasons why and the benefits you may need to use self storage facilities.

Create more space in your home

You may be able to fit all your belongings in your home but how cluttered does it look? Just how much of that stuff could be stored elsewhere in order to free up space that can be out to better use? We are of course referring to seasonal items like Christmas decorations, suitcases, or bicycles that you will only need at certain times of the year.By keeping items you do not use all the time you can free up space and feel more organised. If you keep these in a storage locker then you only have to get them out once a year and can use your home storage for things that you need to access more regularly. This then helps create more room overall and helps your home look bigger and tidier. This will allow you to decorate the space however you like without any annoying clutter getting in the way.

Have your own workspace

Lots of people like to try and work on home projects like DIY furniture, fixing up car parts or large crafting pieces and with a suitable storage unit, anyone can do this. Some storage unit offer space that you can use to work in. If you do not have a garage or a cellar or somewhere you can work on your projects it can be frustrating. You may also not want to clutter up your home with all your equipment or engine parts either. Look for a storage unit that can be used as a workspace. You also have the added benefit of 24 hours CCTV to keep all your work and tools safe and secure.

Taking deliveries for you

Delivery of parcels and work equipment can a pain if you are out all day at work. All storage facilities should have someone on-site, during work hours at least that will be there to take any deliveries on your behalf. Some companies even offer a notification service to let you know when you have a delivery either via text or email. This is perfect for anyone who works 9 to 5 and finds that they are never home. When parcels arrive you simply pick them up when you have time. If you have started up your own e-commerce business on Etsy or eBay then you can relax knowing that all your various deliveries will be signed for. Not only that they will be taken in no matter where you are! Your parcel can then be added to your stock. As storage unit is also a great place to store extra stock to prevent cluttering up your house with it.


Not only do you have the freedom to have packages delivered whenever you like but there is also flexibility in the renting of the unit itself. Most facilities offer a variety of sizes to rent. So you only have to pay for as much storage as you need. Storage companies also offer the option to rent for as little as one week with no lengthy contracts that lock you in for longer than you will need it.


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