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Scrapbooking Terms Glossary

What do these scrapbooking words mean? I have been scrapbooking for a long as I can remember and sometimes even I come across some scrapbooking terms or words I don’t recognise. So I have made this handy Scrapbooking Terms Glossary which also works as a scrapbooking materials list too!

Scrapbooking is a relaxing wonderful memory keeping hobby that can be creative as well as good for the mind.

Whether you are new beginner scrapbooker or a seasoned scrapper here is a full list of craft and scrapbooking terms and words you may come across. From what is gesso? what is gutting? And what even is an atg gun? Yes they are all craft terminology! There are so many ways in which to scrapbook too, you can scrapbook with clip art, paint or even use digital cutting machines. Let’s find out in the dictionary of craft and scrapbooking terms which will also give you loads of new scrapbooking ideas!

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Scrapbooking Terms Glossary The A to Z of scrapbooking materials and everything you need to know!

Full Scrapbooking terms glossary every word you need to know about the craft scrapbooking

This is the ultimate guide to scrapbooking terms with all of the materials you need to get started with links to some of my favourite scrapbooking must have items.

A to H in the Scrapbooking Terms Glossary


12 x 12 is the original basic size that scrapbooking started with. Scrapbooking paper and cardstock is generally 12 inches by 12 inches square.


Acetate sheets are a transparent, clear and flexible sheets that can be cut. They can be used for scrapbooking, cards and shaker pockets like window projects. They can also be used and cut to make stencils.

Scrapbooking idea! Try an Acetate background
A scrapbook page on a sheet of Acetate

Atg gun

An ATG gun stands for automatic tape glider machine which is used for dispensing double sided tape. The atg gun tape comes in a thinner width Tape and is acid free suitable for scrapbooking


The word Alphas in this Scrapbooking Terms Glossary means alphabet stickers. Alpha stickers are easy and ideal to be used for a scrapbooking page title

Acid free

All scrapbooking papers and glues should be Acid free. Acid can destroy photos over time and discolour them. Having no acid in the glue means it will be archival safe to keep for the future.

Acrylic stamps

Acrylic stamps are stamps made from acrylic and have an embossed image on them. The image when inked and stamped on paper give a relief of a picture. Acrylic stamps cling to an acrylic block for easy stamping.


Archival means of a safe quality to store for a long period of time


Adhesive is something that bonds items together. There are lots of different forms of adhesive glue for different projects. Always make sure that your adhesive is acid free to ensure that your photos and albums will be archival safe.

Read on in this Scrapbooking Terms Glossary for my favourite forms of adhesive and glue that are popular for scrapbooking here:

A mix of adhesives and glues used for scrapbooking
A mix of adhesives and glues used for scrapbooking

Altered art

Altered art is a form of mixed media art in which you alter the original form


A brayer is a piece of art equipment in the form a roller and used to smooth media. It can be used for applying paint, gesso or help smooth card on to a sticky mat to cut on a Cricut.


A Sissex Bigshot is a hand die cutting machine which uses metal shaped dies to cut out papers or card shapes . You pass the card and metal die between two rollers sandwiched between two plastic plates. The result is a die cut shape or word to use for a card or scrapbook page.

A Sissex Bigshot for cutting dies
A Sissex Bigshot for cutting dies

Border punch

A border punch is a hand held paper punch machine that can punch out shapes in a long line to edge pages and borders.

Blending tool

A blending tool is a foam applicator or brush that blends different mixed media colours such as ink together.


Brads are metal pins with an open back that can be used to attach pieces of card or paper together. They come in a variety of colours and shapes.


Brushos are powder pigment paints used for painting and mixed media. They can be used in a multitude of ways for mixed media scrapbooking and look lovely as a background.

Star Mixed media scrapbooking page done with Brushos metallic paints
Star mixed media scrapbooking page done with Brushos metallic paints For a background


A cameo is a cutting machine designed by silhouette that cuts digital cut files. The cut file can be used as a design element or a title on a scrapbook page. The latest cameo machine is the silhouette Cameo 4

A Silhouette Cameo 4 plus next to a Silhouette Portrait 3 cutting machines in a craft room
A Silhouette Cameo 4 plus next to a Silhouette Portrait 3


A Cricut is a digital cutting machine that cuts a range of different materials that are useful to crafters.

Cut file

A cut file is a digital file in the form of an SVG or a PNG that can be cut on a digital cutting machine. Cut files can be cut in a range of materials form paper to vinyl.

Mum rose and butterfly wreath cut file for scrapbooking
A mum floral wreath cut file

Corner rounder

A corner rounder is a small hand held punch that can cut the corner of a piece of card or paper off in to a rounded shape.


A crop is an event where people get together to scrapbook. This is normally organised by a group or individual in a hall or meeting room at a small charge. You can also find weekend crops and even crops that take place on cruises!

Cyber crop

A cyber crop is group of people scrapbooking together online. Cyber crops tend to be set up via Facebook and people can chat together and show their work.


A cropadile is a metal punch contraption made by We are memory keepers. It is used to punch holes through different thicknesses of material. It is very helpful for making mini books and tag books.


To cluster is to bunch together varies pieces of patterned paper layers and or embellishments in to one area to create a cluster.

Scrapbooking page with clusters of embellishments
3 clusters of embellishments on a page

Distress ink

Distress ink is a pigment ink designed by Tim holtz. It is a highly pigmented ink that can be used for a variety of projects such as stamping and mixed media projects

Distress oxides

Distress oxides are another type of ink created by Ranger and Tim Holtz. The Distress oxides are a mix of pigment and xxx they come in the form of ink pads and distress ink sprays. They are particularly good for creating blended backgrounds on your page as well as on cards.

An assortment of colours of Ranger distress oxide stamp ink pads
An assortment of colours of Ranger distress oxide stamp ink pads

December daily dd

December daily is a type of memory keeping about documenting your month of December in the form of photos and paper. The idea of December daily was the brainchild of Ali Edwards

Free Christmas scrapbooking cut file for December daily, DD stands for December daily in the Scrapbooking Terms Glossary
Free Christmas scrapbooking cut files for December daily, DD stands for December daily in the Scrapbooking Terms Glossary

Die cut

To die cut is to use a metal shape die that cuts out a shape in paper, card or fabric

Double mount

Double mount is to mount a photo on to a piece of card or paper twice as a border.


The term Distressing in this Scrapbooking Terms Glossary means the art of distressing paper or card to give a worn and torn look. You can distress paper and card with either a distressing tool or a pair of scissors.

Double page layout

A double page layout is two similar or matching scrapbook layouts that sit side by side and tell a similar story. This can be in 12×12 or any other size of media.

D ring

D ring is an attachment inside a D ring album which enables you to attach album pages that have holes. They are easier to swap and change as opposed to post bound albums.


DT stands for design team. Many scrapbooking paper companies have design teams who show case their products. Scrapbooking brands advertise for design team members usually every 6 to 12 months and change regularly. Look out for design team opportunities with each individual brand.


An embellishment is an item used to decorate or embellish a page, card or craft item. This can be in the form of a sticker, flower, badge or button.

Scrapbooking embellishments and papers echo park
Scrapbooking embellishments and papers by Echo park


Embossing is a method of creating a raised pattern on paper or card by using embossing tools or folders.You can use Embossing folders and run them through a die cutting machine to create an embossed pattern

Embossing powder

Embossing powder is a medium which melts and then hardens. To use stamp an image in coloured or clear ink on to paper, sprinkle with embossing powder and tap of access powder. Heat the powder with a glue gun and a relief will be left in its place.


Eyelets are metal holes used for enforcing a paper hole. They are often used to pin pieces of paper together or make mini books or tag books. You need an eyelet tool to attach an eyelet which bends the metal

Enamel dots

Enamel dots are raised shiny coloured enamel stickers used to embellish craft projects.

Exploding box

An exploding box is a card project that is made in to the shape of a box that when you open explodes. These are often used as gift cards or mini photo albums

exploding box instructions
An exploding box made out of card


Flair is a brand name for mini badges with pictures on that can be used as embellishments on craft projects.

Fussy cut

To fussy cut is to cut our fiddly patterns or pictures from patterned paper.

Foam pads

Foam pads are sticky foam squares or circle adhesives used to stick together card or paper and at the same time add some depth

Focal point

A focal point on a scrapbooking layer is often a cluster of embellishments used to draw your eye in to one particular area of your design


Gesso is a acrylic medium used to coat a piece of canvas or card to create a waterproof background. Often used under paint on scrapbooking pages to stop warping of the paper. White gesso looks good on patterned paper to tone down and clear is better or white cardstock to stop yellowing.


There are lots of different types of glues for scrapbooking from dry to wet glues. The glue you use must be acid free to save a protect your photos. Take look at all of my some different types of scrapbooking and paper glues here.

Glossy Accents

Glossy Accents is a clear, three-dimensional gloss medium. It createa a laquered look or accent on projects and card. Giveing a hard shiny bright finish brilliant for a bit or dimension.


Gutting is a removing the centre of a piece of card or paper to keep the outside edge intact and save the middle area from waste. You often gut your page when pages require a border.

H to P in the Scrapbooking Terms Glossary

Heat gun

A heat gun is used for drying projects quickly or or melting embossing powder

National scrapbooking day

National scrapbooking day takes place in the beginning of May all over the world where most people get together and scrapbook. In 2022 it is on Saturday the 7th or May, 2023 it will be on the Saturday 6th of May. People get together all over the world to scrapbook.


Ink is a pigment which can come in many forms including;


The term Journaling in the Scrapbooking Terms Glossary means the art of writing notes, dates or memory’s on paper. You can journal on scrapbooking pages, in planner books or online


A layout is a finished page of scrapbooking memory making. For example I have finished my scrapbooking layout.


Layering can be done by layering, paint , paper, card, and photos to create an effective background. You can also layer, photos, tissue paper or embellishments.

Mixed media

Mixed media is a form of using all different types of media including, paints, inks, papers to create a project including them all. Mixed media scrapbooking is very popular as it creates lots of interest and is also great fun!

Add water colour paint to your scrapbook page by Donna Vallance,, Papers Prima Marketing
A mixed media scrapbook page in a heart shape by Donna Vallance

Matting or mounting, Mat or Mount

Matting or mounting ( mat or mount ) is a way of bordering your photos to create depth and interest. Cut paper or card slightly bigger than your photo and mount your photo on top

Nuvo dots

Nuvo dots are mixed media that creates an embossed raised effect. They are made by tonic studios and come in a large selection of colours. They can be used to make dots and shapes on craft projects.

Rainbow page and Nuvo Dots on a page by Donna Vallance, papers Altnew
Rainbow page and Nuvo Dots on a page by Donna Vallance, papers Altnew

Paper piecer

A Paper piercer is used to make holes in paper for brads and eyelets and stitching.

Postbound album

A postbound album is a scrapbooking album that secures the pages with posts and screws rather than a D ring. These take a little longer to change and move about therefore D rings are considered an easier option

Page protectors

Page protectors are clear plastic wallets that protect your finished page when it goes in an album. You can also get page protectors in different sizes depending on your project.

Packaging technique

The packaging technique is a technique of applying ink and water to a page or project using a piece of clear packaging. It stops ink and water from spreading to far on your finished piece and can give some nice results.
To do Take a piece of clear packaging apply some ink from a stamp pad and spritz with water. Turn the packet directly on to the page and move around to achieve different effects. Repeat if necessary. You can also use acetate or any left over packet or plastic.

Photo Safe

Photo safe is Another term given to acid and lignin free items that are suitable for archiving photos and scrapbooks

Project life

Project life is method of documenting your life on paper by the way of small cards size projects. Instead of doing one large page paper layout small cards in the sizes of 6×4 inch and 3×2 inch are decorated and put into pockets. It makes scrapbooking your life easier as it is broken in to pocket sized chunks.

Project life scrapbook layout In greens and blues
Project life scrapbook layout


Punches are small hand held devices that punch cut out paper or card in to shapes. They also come in many shapes, sizes and designs.

Puffy stickers

Puffy Stickers are stickers with a raised smooth surface

R to Z in the ultimate guide to scrapbooking terms.

Rubber stamps

Rubber stamps are stamps that when inked and stamped on paper give a relief of a picture


Smooshing is an method of blending colours and ink on paper using water and packaging to smoosh together. It also refers to the packaging technique, see above.


Splatter is to splash ink or paint on to a project by splashing


Stamping is using acrylic or rubber stamps and a stamp pad to create coloured images on paper or card

Scrapbooking page using stamps and water colour. Page design Anna Komeda for Gogo getaway
Scrapbooking page using stamps and water colour. Page design Anna Komeda for Gogo getaway

Stamp pad

A stamp pad is an foam pad filled with ink or pigment to be used with stamps or mixed media

Stamp platform

A stamp platform is an instrument to help you stamp images in the right place and align them up. The paper is inserted in the stamp pad and the stamp is stuck on the inside. Once aligned the stamp can be re-stamped directly back over the previous stamp image if need be. It is also very useful for masking areas.


Shimmerz is a brand of paint that is shimmery or glittery and very popular in the craft world

Valentines scrapbook page using shimmers paints. Using simple stories, page designed by Niki Rowland for Gogo getaway
Valentines scrapbook page using shimmers paints. Using simple stories, page designed by Niki Rowland for Gogo getaway


A sketch is a sketch guide or example to follow when doing a scrapbooking layout. Use the sketch as a guide on where to place patterned paper, photos and embellishments. A sketch is also brilliant when you are stuck for ideas!

Sketch challenge

A sketch challenge is a challenge that is set by an organisation or company to follow one of their sketches. This is often entered in to a prize draw or sometimes just for fun.

Self healing mat

A self healing mat is a mat that is used to protect a surface when using a cutting knife. Seal healing means that it does not leave large cut marks in the mat after use but rather it closes back together

Selphy machine printer

A SELPHY is a mini photo printer made by Canon. It prints 6×4 inch prints and smaller. It is a well loved printer in the scrapbooking community as it is quick, precise and portable. It also creates small pictures 2 up ans 4 up on one 6×4 sheet.

Shaker pocket

A shaker pocket is card made item with an acetate front that can be filled with sequins or beads to shake. Shaker pockets can also be used on cards or scrapbooking pages.

Shaker pocket scrapbook page. Free hello sunshine summer title cut file for scrapbooking. Originally designed for Ella Bonella store by Donna Vallance
Shaker pocket scrapbook page. Free hello sunshine summer title cut file for scrapbooking. Originally designed for Ella Bonella store by Donna Vallance


A stencil is a piece of acetate that can be used with paint as well as stamps or texture paste, or sprays to create coloured shapes on paper

Texture paste

Texture paste is a thickened paint medium that is often used as backgrounds or used through a stencil to create raised texture

Multicolour stencilled Brick texture paste background scrapbook page by Donna Vallance. Papers Vicki Boutin
Multicolour stencilled Brick texture paste background scrapbook page by Donna Vallance. Papers Vicki Boutin

Tape runner

A tape runner is a double sided tape dispenser much like an ATG gun


A trimmer is a card or paper trimmer used to cut paper straight and precise without the need of scissors. I particularly like the 30 cm Fiskars Paper trimmer to cut 12 inch paper.


Thickers are thick raised alphabet stickers made by American crafts


Titles are used as names for your scrapbook pages. You may be doing a page on Christmas and need a Christmas scrapbooking title that suits your photos, or one on Halloween. There are many Scrapbooking title lists around to help you choose.


Vellum is an opaque paper that is easily embossed and can also be used for layering.

Washi tape

Washi tape is patterned tape much similar to a masking tape. It can be used to decorate pages and planners and is useful in journaling

Wet on wet

Wet on wet is applying wet paint to wet paper to create a blended background effect

White space

The scrapbooking term White space means to leave a proportion of your background paper that is white free from paper, embellishments and photos thus giving a feeling of space.

White Space on grunge Mixed Media scrapbook Layout by Donna Vallance
White Space on grunge Mixed Media scrapbook Layout by Donna Vallance


WRMK stands for We are memory keepers who are a brand that specialise in crafting products

Xacto knife

An X-ACTO knife is a precision cutting knife for crafting. It cuts precisely card and paper by hand.


A Xyron machine is a handy machine that turns you die cut outs in to stickers by placing adhesive on the back. Xyron is great for scrapbooking.


Zig is a brand of pen used by artists, scrapbookers and crafters. They come in all different colours and tips and are perfect for journalling.

Thank you for reading my Scrapbooking Terms Glossary I hope it has been of some help!


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