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Red Pitch is an acclaimed play written by Tyrell Williams and is now playing in the West-End for a limited time. I went to see the play at the super cool Soho Place in Tottenham Court Road. It’s funny, quick and shocking in parts so let me share some details about this remarkable production.

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Whats the Plot of Red Pitch Play?

Red Pitch is Book by Tyrell Williams and is also the winner of 5 Best Debut Play awards. Three teen lifelong friends live an estate in London and are brought together by Red Pitch their football pitch.  You will watch them live out their lives and dreams of football stardom. What happens when the estate you love is under threat, will their friendships stand the test of time?

On a dilapidated football pitch somewhere in south London, three young black lads—Bilal, Joey, and Omz—are dreaming of football stardom. As they practice their dribbling and tackling skills, they also engage in witty banter about family, girls, Instagram, ambition, and leaving home. The play delves into themes of gentrification, change, ambition, and the fear of being left behind. But most importantly, it’s about friendship and the bonds that hold us together.

Red Pitch Play Programme

Cast and Creative Team of Red Pitch

There are only three cast members of Red Pitch, they are:

  • Bilal played by Kedar Williams-Stirling (Sex Education)
  • Joey played by Emeka Sesay (The Power)
  • Omz played by Francis Lovehall (Small Axe)

The play is Directed by Daniel Bailey and has won several prestigious awards, including:

  • Best New Play (Off West End Awards)
  • Most Promising Playwright (Evening Standard Theatre Awards)
  • Best Writer (The Stage Debut Awards)
  • Most Promising Playwright (Critics’ Circle Theatre Awards)
  • George Devine Award
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Red Pitch Play Review- my thoughts

So what did I think of Red Pitch? Red Pitch is vibrant and totally up to date and with the current times so it is very easy to resonate with. It’s perfectly paired with a modern theatre in a roundel with an excellent view from wherever you sit.

The set is straightforward, a football pitch with a metal fence and a few props of footballs and rucksacks. The three boys are uber cool and every time they left or entered the pitch they had a ritual of tapping the chain on the gate. I loved this as really showed how close and how connected they were to each other as well as their beloved play ground.

They all have their hopes pinned on becoming football stars with the likes of falling back on college or UTube which I thought was very with the times! However they all have very different lives and as the estate they live in changes so does their lives together.

The play was funny in part’s and quite witty, with every day banter you would expect from teens of that age. The stage only changed by way of lights but the scenes were set well, so you could easily tell when they were on the pitch, in a dream of football stardom or even a nightclub.

The play was fast paced and almost shocking in parts with really intense stage fights which seemed real. It was brilliantly choreographed throughout and the cast fitted their roles perfectly.

Cast of Red Pitch Play

Who would Red Pitch appeal to?

I loved it and it would appeal to anyone who loves plays, London, Football or wanting to see something up to date and upbeat.

It resonated with myself being the mum of two teens finding their way in life and would likewise appeal to young people too in this way. It really highlights the risks of pinning your hopes on dreams of stardom, be it in the football world, acting or that of being an Influencer.

Soho Place Theatre Tottenham Court Road London

Where is Red Pitch playing in London?

Red Pitch is now playing at London’s newest West End theatre, Soho place. You can secure your tickets starting from £25.

The play runs until May 4, 2024, with performances Monday to Saturday at 7:30 PM and matinees on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 3:00 PM.

Red Pitch has a running time of 90 minutes with no interval.

 Please note that the production features strong language, loud sounds, and flashing lights, so it’s recommended for ages 14 and above.

Inside Red Pitch play set

What others said about Red Pitch the Play

  • The Financial Times hails it as an award-winning play that returns for a replay.
  • The Stage describes it as a “next-level coming-of-age story.”
  • WhatsOnStage calls it “smart, sophisticated playwriting at its best.”

Don’t miss this powerful and joy-filled play—it’s a must-see for 2024! 


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