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Our little bit of essex, The Build!

Welcome to our home in essex, we decided after moving here that we would do it up from scratch and make it our own.

(Taken whilst celebrating the royal wedding)

The kitchen was extended some 15 years ago before we moved in, and protrudes from the back of the house and all though it’s beautiful we feel it now needs a new life and to be more open plan and suits our family needs.
My husband and a  close friend of his designed the house and put plans in to the local council and after a few tweaks here and there the plans were excepted.

The first major change took place shortly after,  We built a double garage on the right hand front to enable us to have an extra reception room in the front.
During the late part of last year we converted the old garage and it has now become a room which at the moment has temporary flooring to enable us to use it as a store room. This will be Darrens Media room! ( rolls eyes ) We chose a PVC  double glazed window with wood grain foil. Eventually all the windows will match.

The new garage.

The new room.

Much of the work has been done by Darren himself however hes not good for plastering and building walls but the idea is to keep moving around the house whilst we live in it.
We have now knocked down the dining room doors and built our utility room in its place so we will be able to use it as a temporary kitchen. Each room will be finished as in plastered , electrics and a coat of paint before we move on to the next room.

As you can see its a bit of a mess, being used for storage but all painted lights and windows in it will ba along time before decorating.
I’ll upload plans at some point too.


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