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Our french home in normandy

Twelve years ago we bought a lovely house in Normandy France, Nestled in the small village of Percy amongst the Normandy cows and rolling fields.
We had the house many years choosing to go there for holidays and quiet breaks before finally taking the plunge and renovating!
It went from a large Farmhouse with two bedrooms and numerous barns to a beautiful double sided house with so far Six bedrooms five bathrooms and two kitchens.
Here is the house before all the work started this was taken in 2004.


As its been four years now since we have started building im going to try and recap some of the events in making this house our piece of bliss.


As You can see the right side was the liveable side and the left was the barn full of troughs and hay, Out the back there was even a milking shed!
Its not been without its ups and downs and finding good builders was hard work its been lots of trips to and from france with Darren working long hours and then working longs hours there but light is at the end of the tunnel!
Builders have been hard to come buy and we have had  a few disasters, we brought alot of the materials from home and did plenty of van runs.
We had a lovely english guy who took over the work form the last cowboy and since then its been plane sailing.
back of the house 2004


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