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My Sunday Photo, Anne Franks House.

One of the things I longed to go to in Amsterdam was the Anne Franks House.

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I even read the book before I went so I could know as much as possible about it. I was amazed in the way that Anne wrote with so much wisdom and humour for such a young girl. The plight of the Jewish people and the way in which Annes family hid away was told with such frankness and honesty.

When we visited Anne Franks house I wasn’t prepared for how much it moved me emotionally. Walking through the door behind the bookcase brought me to tears.





It truely was a visit I’ll never forget.

D x



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  1. I can imagine how sad it would be, it’s such an awful story but unfortunately it was true. I think it is important that we read these accounts and visit these places so that it is never forgotten #MySundayPhoto

  2. It’s really worth the queuing up isn’t it? I think the room that moved me the most was her bedroom with the photos pasted on to the wall. It just hit me then that she was just a normal girl. Heartbreaking. #sundayphoto

  3. Hi Donna, Anne Franks house is somewhere I would like to visit one day too. I can imagine that it is a very emotional and unforgettable experience, which it totally should be.


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