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My Boys Street Fashion in Brick Lane

Our wardrobes needed a winter revamp , the boys had grown over night Harry’s school trousers I bought in September are already an inch short! So we headed off shopping and I caught a few pictures in Shoreditch after so here is My Boys Street Fashion in Brick Lane.

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The kids are really changing in their fashion ideas at the moment and I can really see their individualities evolving.

Owen was never overly that bothered about what he was wearing but that has changed since he became a teenager. Harry however has always opted for a more ‘funky street’ style since a young age. Preferring tracksuits over jeans every time.


street fashion in Brick lane graffiti


Owen is really enjoying his fashion at the moment and has totally taken over buying his own clothes.

I was a bit dubious at first especially when I sent him out with the hubby. I was actually quite worried about what they would come home with! But Owen has proved me wrong his sense of style is both trendy and classic.

He’s isn’t too bothered about designer clothing and refrains from loud colours. He did however want a pair of timberlands for his birthday, and I must agree they look rather smart.

Give him a black turtle neck and he will be happy.

Owen chose his own outfit,

Jeans – River Island 

Boots – Timberland

 Jumper, airforce bomber jacket –  Zara 


Street fashion in Brick Lane Graffiti

The amazing Street art in Brick lane is simply stunning as a back drop. The kids were more than happy to pose in front of some of the coolest colours and designs.

My Boys Street Fashion in Brick Lane

I’m loving the Boys Next clothes at the moment that are bang on trend and super stylish. I had bought a few bits that work so well together already.

Then we found the neoprene skinny joggers I wasn’t sure at first, were they a tad girly? but once we spotted the matching jacket Harry decided it was super cool.

Then Harry’s says ‘Mum I really need a hat and a scarf’ ( here we go, just more stuff for him to lose!) again Next came up trumps with a trendy beanie hat and check scarf. ( I have now had strict instructions on how this should be worn!)

boy fashion on train Next

This cool tiger embroidered bomber was a later purchase and a very trendy coat. Harry was over the moon with it and is yet to have take it off! He pops a hoody on underneath and totally restyles himself.

Harrys Tracksuit, Bomber, hat and scarf all – Next

 Trainers – Adidas.


next boys tiger bomber jacket

Without forgetting myself ( it would be rude not too) I was finding my wardrobe quite boring. Getting lazy and wearing jeans every day, which was starting to make me feel scruffy.

After purchasing some thick thermal tights and a couple of skirts , my wardrobe felt instantly updated. I stuck to plain colours so that I could use all the jumpers I already own. I have now found items to mix and match in my wardrobe I had forgot I had. Bobs your uncle I now have a new wardrobe!

Shirt dresses that I would normally only wear in the summer are perfect with a slip and tights underneath. A thinner coat can be made warm with a thick cardigan and a chunky scarf which is perfect for walking around London.


woman graffiti  brick lane Clarks Caddy Belle grey

Am I too old for pvc?  No who cares! not if I’ve got wooly tights on and a chunky jumper!

Boots are Caddy Belle – Clarks

Teal skirt and grey oversize jumper – Next,

Coat – Label Lab House of Fraser.

Bag – Anya Hindmarch.

Thanks for looking.

D x


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