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Maintain Natural Curly Hair the Easy Way

If you have curly hair, you probably think of it as anything but easy. While natural curly hair tends to be pretty high maintenance, there are a few simple hacks to make it more manageable.

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If you’re sick of battling frizz and lopsided curls, try these easy maintenance tips for naturally curly hair. 

Maintain naturally curly hair

Cut Back on Shampoo

Hair isn’t meant to be washed every day, especially curly hair. One of the primary reasons that natural curly hair gets so dry and frizzy is that the shape of the strands limits oil distribution. In other words, the natural oil produced by your scalp can’t make it down the strands. Cleansing your hair too frequently exacerbates that issue by stripping the natural oil from your scalp. Alcohols and Sulphates found in shampoos are very drying as well so if you have to shampoo try to use curly girl approved products.

To help maintain your naturally curly hair, wash it less often. When you wash, use a sulfate-free shampoo to give your curls the best possible treatment. 

Try the Curly Girl Method for Natural Curly Hair

If you want to take looking after your curls seriously and achieve your best curls without all the frizz try the Curly Girl Method. The curly girl Method is a way of nurturing your curls and treating them kindly. Using moisturising treatments, cutting out bad ingredients and bad hair practice.

You can read all about starting the curly girl method here

Use Softer Materials to protect your curls

Your curls deserve a lot of love. One of the easiest things you can do to protect Naturally Curly Hair and prevent frizz is to use softer materials. Swap out your terrycloth towel for microfiber. The friction from terrycloth is too harsh on most hair types. On curls it can act like velcro pulling out strands of hair and crating a halo of frizz.

Swap out your cotton pillowcase for satin or silk. Every night, you spend hours creating friction on your curls. Replacing cotton with satin or silk will make a significant difference each morning.

At night wear your hair up in a pineapple on top of your head with a stain scrunchie or wrap your hair in a satin scarf.

Avoid Processing Natural Curly Hair

Bleach, dye, and heat are terrible for curly hair. As your hair is already prone to dryness and breakage adding colour can drastically damage your hair even more. Colouring hair lifts the cuticle and often these cutie scales do not go back. This makes the hair more porous and dries the hair out dramatically changes your curl structure.

If you want something different than your natural color, opt for a subtle or gradual change, a semi permanent colour or embrace your grey. For something more intense why not invest in a wig? You can visit EvaWigs to find a variety of celebrity-inspired styles and natural-looking hairpieces. Wigs are a fun way to change your look in an instant without causing the damage that bleach entails. Risking your curls for a temporary fashion trend isn’t worth the years of repair work.

Condition Before and After Washing

Curly girls know that conditioner is their best friend. Using conditioner in the shower and using a leave-in conditioner is a must for smooth, well-defined curls. However, one simple trick can dramatically enhance your results: pre-conditioning.

Before you cleanse your hair, put in some of your favorite conditioner and let it soak for five to ten minutes. This simple addition to your hair care routine will have lasting benefits. You can also use oils to precondition your hair, before you wash your curls.

Easy Ways to Maintain Naturally Curly Hair. parent and child with curls

Give the Hair Dryer a Break

Another great thing you can do for your curls is to leave them alone and skip the hairdryer. For most people with naturally curly hair, the best time to apply the product is while it’s still wet. Letting your hair air dry will not dry out your hair and can be very satisfying. You Never know what your curls might look like!

If you have to use a hairdryer, never go without a diffuser add-on. This will protect your hair from the blast of heat and prevent frizz. With a diffuser, you plop your curls on the apparatus and let it do its work. Brushes should stay far away from your curly locks!

Section for Detangling and Washing

To get the most out of your washing and detangling routine, put your hair into sections when conditioning.. By sectioning your hair and working the conditioner in, you’ll ensure that each strand gets the nourishment it needs. This will also make it easier to gently comb through and detangle.

With these simple adjustments to your hair care routine, you can get defined, healthy, natural curly hair.

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