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Layered Gingerbread House SVG Cut File

This Free Layered Gingerbread House SVG Cut File is so cute and perfect for Christmas crafts and everything surrounding Christmas! I love Christmas from decorating the home to Christmas baking, wrapping presents and Christmas crafting.
This Layered Gingerbread house SVG has a Gingerbread man and a cute Christmas tree outside and its covered in sweets! It has everything you need to create a perfect to cut on your Cricut or Silhouette Cameo or Silhouette Portrait. Here you have a 6 layer Ginger bread paper craft house for card, scrapbooking, crafts and more!

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Great for Christmas paper crafts such a Christmas card making, scrapbooking, door wreaths and christmas textiles! You can use the different layers provided in the Layered Gingerbread house and Christmas cut files to layer up your house or use just the top file and back it with pretty patterned papers instead. The result is a 3 dimensional cut file with added depth.

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Layered Gingerbread House SVG Cut File Free for Christmas crafting pin. Image

Layered Gingerbread House SVG Cut File for Christmas Cricut crafts, Cards and Scrapbooking

I have given ideas for the colour of each card layer but obviously this is a guide only, you can do any colour you like!
If you want to back each piece a different colour you can too! Just cut the top piece number 1 in white and do other pieces by hand. You could also use the background layer and the top layer for a wooden veneer Glowforge template.

What colour card do I cut my layered cut file in?

In this free download you will receive 5 Different layered cut files in PNG or SVG file format whichever you prefer. Each cut file can be cut a different colour!

 Layered Gingerbread House SVG file for cutting on Cricut or Silhouette

Please note I slightly adapted this cut file since taking photos and the underneath layers the roof tiles are now filled in as it was taking far too long to cut. By doing just the top layer with tiles you can fill gaps with nuvo dots or sequins that look like sweets.

You will get the following cut files in a compressed zip folder. These are the colours I chose for my Layered christmas house;

6 layer Gingerbread house svg cut file

  • Layer 1 in white 
  • Layer 2 in red
  • Ginger bread house Layer 3 in yellow
  • Fourth Layer 4 in purple or pink card
  • 5th layer in green for the Christmas tree
  • Layer 5 background in gingerbread brown tone 

What can these Christmas cut files, png and svgs be used for

Use this Free Layered Nutcracker and Christmas Svgs file for Christmas craft projects pages or even more;

  • Christmas scrapbooking
  • Christmas Gingerbread house t shirts 
  • Vinyl decals 
  • Gingerbread Glowforge Template
  • Christmas gingerbread house cushion in home textiles
  • December daily free cut files
  • Christmas card toppers
  • Gingerbread house Banners
  • Christmas Banners
  • Christmas signs
  • Paper craft projects 
  • Gingerbread Holiday projects 
  • Christmas wall decals

You can cut this free SVG on your Cricut or Silhouette Cameo easily it would work great with a scrapbooking page or the SVG would be perfect as a wall decoration or card topper.

It also works perfectly for a scrapbooking Gingerbread House cut file!

It also works perfectly for a scrapbooking Gingerbread House cut file if you cut the top layer only and you can back it with scrapbooking patterned paper!

Scrapbooking Gingerbread House cut file for scrapbooking pages to be cut on the Silhouette or the Cricut Maker

How can I cut the Layered Gingerbread House SVG Cut File on the Silhouette cameo?

You will also need a cutting machine that it linked to your computer. Such as a Cricut or a Silhouette Cameo 4. Both are a fabulous pieces of kit and perfect for any crafter or scrapbooker. You will receive a PNG which automatically traces in most cut design spaces. If you need more help see my Silhouette tips in this post.

 Free Layered Gingerbread House SVG file to cut on Cricut, Silhouette or the Glowforge

How to cut Layered Gingerbread House SVG file the same size

To cut your layered svgs you need to make sure all layers are the same size.
You can resize the first one to whatever size you would like and then make sure the others are the same.
To do this in Silhouette Studio go to the transform panel which looks like bars in different lengths. Click on scale which is the icon that is a line with an arrow at either end.
You Can either resize by 50% smaller or put in your own dimensions.
To specify the dimensions go to the two bottom boxes. Click the lock button on the right to constrain the design dimensions as the image is not the same both sides.
To keep the same dimension but fit the page just put in the width size in to the top box with lock checked. It will keeps the same shape but fit it to your page or the size you would like.
I made my Layered Gingerbread House SVG Cut File mine 11 inches by putting 11 in the top width box and pressing return and it fits to a 12×12 cutting mat. But you can cut them any size you like.
Eveytime you cut a new layer do the same this way all of your layers will fit together.

CLose up of How to cut Layered Gingerbread House SVG file the same size

How to get your Layered Gingerbread House SVG Cut File for personal use

To get your free Layered Gingerbread House SVG cut file, simply click on the photo link below. To download the files you will be asked to confirm your email and subscribe to my newsletter. Simply click on the photo link below and you will be taken to my new shop where you can add it to your basket and check it out for FREE.

To get your free Layered Gingerbread House SVG cut file, simply click on the photo link below. To download the files you will be asked to subscribe to mynewsletter. After which you will receive access to my members page.

More Christmas cut files!

I have even more Scrapbooking cut files here too! Take a look at these free christmas svg cut files;

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