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Henry Hoover! Where have you been all my life!

I have just inherited a Hoover called Henry,  well borrowed! And I’m pleasantly impressed with it!

Having had dysons for years I thought I’d never look back and we are on our third! The DC 25 ball , which has been very good even though a little heavy.
But still, having all this work done at home is proving to play Havock with my poor dyson and it just can’t handle it!
We haven’t actually hoovered any major brick dust or plaster dust just general  dust around the floor we’ve washed all the filters but still is losing the will to live. It can be revived I know,  you get excellent customer service with dyson and complete service for a charge after warranty so it may have to see a repair man.
Hence the Henry!

A friend of mine said all builders use Henry’s try one of those, I mentioned it to hubby who said oh we’ve got one of those in the office , no one uses it. So Henry has moved in , I would of quite liked a Harry for obvious reasons but Henry’s very cute.
Although I am well aware that hoovering up brick dust and so on is not recommended but putting it frankly I have no choice as the years of building I have coming will need to be controlled.
So how did he fair?
Instructions – All very good clear pictures very easy to work out.
Ease of use – very long lead I managed to do my whole ground floor without unplugging! ( 5 rooms! )
All of the tools pushed on really easy comes with brush and long nozzle and a very long hose. 
He did bump in to furniture abit could of done with picking him up rather than dragging him. 
Very easy on your back due to the long pole which is very light.
Henry his self is quite heavy but only needs lifting around occasional corners and has a handy handle! Haha
Suction – has a normal setting and a high setting. I had very dusty floors which last time I hoovered needed mopping straight after, however after one Hoover the result was fantastic!
The  suction was so strong the carpet lifted of the floor, the high setting was too much for the carpet and I couldn’t glide the head over properly , but the normal setting was sufficient and easier to manoeuvre. 
Practicality – Hoover bag very easy to change , pull out side tabs lift off top and filter pull out bag . Easy! Bag has a massive capacity 9 litres.
Storage not bad he would fit in a cupboard remove the pole to stand freely. Plug winds back inside. I suppose it is a bit trickier to store than an upright but not too bad .
You can buy an extra head for picking up hair and use on carpets 
The airobrush,  Inside this tool is a turbine which drives a brush roll that gives a sweeps as it hoovers and it doesn’t clamp down onto carpets like the main tool but glides over carpets easily.
That’s my next purchase!
Over all I’m really impressed I can’t wait to see how it fair over the coming months but it is definitely looking good! 
I can believe I’m so excited about a Hoover! I’d like to try out the mini henry too I bet that is a breeze , watch this space. 
Looks like there could be a Henry Hoover revival !


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