Glamping at Glastonbury

Glastonbury is one of the most iconic music festivals in the UK. Set in rural Somerset with some of the best landscapes, beautiful scenery and places to go. But if you are not a fan of camping you can enjoy the festival at its best at one of these glamping sites at Glastonbury. If you love Glastonbury but do not want to put up your own tent then luxury glamping could be the way to experience the festival. Many of these ultimate festival accommodations are close to the festival gates and are not your average camping pitch. So if you are planning on going to Glastonbury Festival read on.

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Everything You Need to Know About Glamping at Glastonbury

So if you want to stay in real beds in luxury yurts then you have come to the right place. Not having the right facilities at a festival especially if it rains can be disastrous.  For many of these sites, you need to secure yourself festival tickets first before you go but you will rest assured you will have the best Glastonbury experience. These are the Best glamping sites at Glastonbury Festival and a range of Glastonbury Glamping options.

Land and Sky Farm

Land and Sky Farm is a luxury Glamping all-inclusive experience at Glastonbury by Ziggu Camp and Hotel. This is the ultimate in glamping style a variety of accommodations to choose from such as Yurts, Tipis and even an American School Bus to choose from. They are positioned in a great spot on the doorstep of the South East corner of the festival site. Boasting spectacular views overlooking the Pyramid stage and only a short walk down into the festival through a private festival gate. They offer private buggies that will drop you up and down the hill as and when required. 

The al la carte Restaurant is available to dine in 18 hours a day and is a full-table service with delicious food. This French Restaurant is managed by top restaurateur Jean-Christophe Le Grand. Alongside this is a bar with mixologists creating amazing cocktails from the finest ingredients.

Being all-inclusive you will receive complimentary breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.  Breakfast and brunch are served until midday with lunch and evening meals served well into the night. All drinks are also complimentary and they will even deliver to your room!

All camping accommodations have luxury beds, Cotton sheets and power points for phones inside. There are luxury toilets and shower blocks and a hair styling beauty tent area that consists of mirrors, hair dryers, straighteners and a selection of hair products all for your use. The site also offers wood-fired hot tubs and a complimentary 30-minute beauty treatment included during your stay. 

A luxury bell tent at Ziggu Glamping at Glastonbury

Ziggu Camp

Ziggucamp is proud to be the largest offsite glamping provider outside of Glastonbury Festival. Situated minutes from the Festival by a short 3 minute buggy ride to pedestrian Gates A. It offers luxury accommodation from Deluxe Bell Tents to Emperor Tents, across 42 acre site. There is an onsite bar with nightly entertainment and a restaurant called Ziggu Cafe with a team of chefs on board who will be providing some fantastic gourmet breakfast and snack and meal options.

The camp has clean toilets and Instant hot showers which are available are available 24/7. There is private free car parking just a few minutes walk from the site too which can be accessed during your stay and has a 24-hour security team. The car park is conveniently located so those wishing to make a swift getaway on Sunday evening or Monday morning to help beat the traffic.

Walking in to Glastonbury from an outside Glamping camp
Walking into Glastonbury from an outside Glamping camp

Glastonbury Retreat

Glastonbury retreat is down a quiet lane, a peaceful glamping site surrounded by trees and fields It is also just 900m from Festival Gate B and is guaranteed to make you some magical Glastonbury memories.

The Glastonbury Retreat Glamping offers a unique and comfortable camping experience for attendees of the Glastonbury Festival. Here are some features and offerings typically associated with Glastonbury Retreat Glamping:

Glastonbury Retreat Glamping provides luxurious and well-appointed accommodations, such as spacious bell tents, yurts, or safari tents. These tents are equipped with comfortable beds, cosy furnishings, and amenities to ensure a comfortable stay.

 The glamping site is usually located in an exclusive area within the festival grounds, providing a more tranquil and private environment away from the bustling crowds. This allows glampers to relax and unwind while still being conveniently close to the festival activities. The retreat offers onsite parking and you can even arrive by helicopter should you wish!

Glamping at Glastonbury Retreat often includes access to premium facilities. This includes dedicated showers and toilets, communal lounges or chill-out areas, and charging stations for electronic devices.

Glastonbury signs at festival

Pod pads 

Pod Pads are a popular glamping option at the Glastonbury Festival. The Podpads Village is located in the Hospitality Campsite at Glastonbury in the main festival site. All guests must have secured Hospitality tickets prior to arrival. Pod Pads offers a variety of unique and comfortable accommodations, including wooden pods, luxury bell tents, and solidly built cabins. These structures are pre-pitched and ready for guests upon arrival.

The accommodations provided by Pod Pads are designed to offer convenience and comfort. They come equipped with amenities such as beds, bedding, lighting, power sockets, and sometimes even furniture or additional amenities depending on the chosen package. Pod Pads has its own designated camping area within the festival grounds. This area is typically separate from the general camping areas, providing a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere for guests to retreat to after enjoying the festival.

 Glampers staying with Pod Pads often have access to premium facilities. This may include dedicated showers and toilets, a communal hub or lounge area, phone charging stations, and sometimes even a reception or information desk staffed by Pod Pads personnel.  Pod Pads maintains a secure and well-managed glamping site. They typically have security measures in place to ensure the safety and comfort of guests. Additionally, on-site staff are available to assist with any needs or inquiries throughout the duration of the festival.

Worthy View

This is the official Glastonbury glamping site located within the festival grounds. It offers a variety of accommodations and pre-erected tents, including pre-pitched tents, tipis, and bell tents. Worthy Farm provides amenities such as toilets, showers, and a dedicated reception area. 

 As the name suggests, Worthy View offers stunning views of the festival grounds and the surrounding countryside. Located on a hillside, it provides a vantage point for enjoying the festival atmosphere from a unique perspective.

 Worthy View provides pre-pitched tents and structures, saving festivalgoers the hassle of bringing and setting up their own camping gear. Accommodation options may include bell tents, tipis, or cabins, which are often spacious and equipped with comfortable bedding.

 Worthy View has its own dedicated camping area, separate from the general camping sections. This area is typically well-maintained and offers a more relaxed and quieter environment for guests to unwind.

Glastonbury timetable in front of the Pyramid stage

Tangerine Fields onsite camping with pre-erected tents

Tangerine Fields has become a sought-after presence at numerous UK festivals. They offer their convenient boutique feel pre-pitched tents and boutique accommodation service that takes festival camping to the next level. Making your festival experience extra special and incredibly easy, all you need to do is secure your accommodation is use their user-friendly online booking platform.

Upon your arrival at the festival, friendly staff will you at the check-in gazebo to guide you to your fully set-up accommodation. Tangerine fields offer a range of tent sizes, including 2-person, 4-person, 6-person, and 8-person options. These are all spacious to ensure you won’t feel cramped. In addition to traditional tents, we also provide unique boutique accommodations such as Geo Domes, Cosy Cubes, Bell Tents, Bubble Bells, and Bedouin Tents.

For an even more comfortable night’s sleep, you can enhance your accommodation with airbeds, and select boutique structures even offer the option of adding furnishings and bedding bundles to create a full glamping experience. It’s worth mentioning that all sleeping bags are brand new and are subsequently donated to various local, national, and international charities after use, as part of thier commitment to sustainability.

Tangerine Fields has a range of different campsites to choose from and you can often book right up to the start of the event! But I would suggest not leaving it too late. Leave the tent-pitching stress behind and arrive, settle in, and fully embrace the festival atmosphere.

Glastonbury Festival sign

Camp kerala

 Camp Kerala is a luxury glamping experience that offers spacious tents with comfortable beds, Egyptian cotton bedding, and exclusive amenities. They provide a dedicated reception, 24-hour concierge service, private bathrooms, a restaurant, and a lounge area. The boutique camping experience at Camp Kerala is top-notch festival accommodation.

Love Fields

Love Fields is another official glamping option at Glastonbury Festival. It offers a variety of accommodations, including pre-pitched tents, yurts, and airstream trailers. Love Fields provides toilets, showers, a reception area, and a communal hub with food and drink options. This camp site is Next to gate c.

Pop-Up Hotel Glamping at Glastonbury

 The Pop-Up Hotel is the closest you will get to a hotel at Glastonbury. It offers a range of luxury accommodations, including bell tents, safari tents, and wooden cabins. They provide comfortable furnishings, private bathrooms, a restaurant, a bar, and other amenities.

Other Glastonbury Glamping sites to explore

There are many other ther Glastonbury Glamping sites to explore some of them include;

  • Ziggu hotel 
  • Glastotol 
  • Portobello farm
  • Yurtel glamping at festival 
  • Pennants orchard 
  • Wilton Meadows 
  • Pillion hill campsite 

Can you bring your own alcohol to Glastonbury?

Yes, you can! If can take your own alcohol to the Festival in cans. However excessive amounts exceeding reasonable personal use will be confiscated at the entrance. No glass bottles are allowed they will be confiscated at the gate. It is essential to transfer the contents of any glass bottles into alternative containers before arriving at the festival site.

Can you get hospitality tickets at Glastonbury?

A restricted quantity of hospitality tickets will be accessible for media personnel and individuals employed in the music industry. These tickets can be directly purchased from the Festival itself. Many of the Glamping establishments provide hospitality tickets exclusively as part of their accommodation offerings. Hospitality access at Glastonbury Festival allows you to ‘that bit between The Pyramid Stage and The Other Stage’. There are rat runs and shortcuts throughout the festival as well as luxury toilets and bars and restaurants for hospitality only.

It’s important to note that specific offerings and amenities may vary from year to year, and it’s advisable to visit the official Glastonbury Festival website or contact Pod Pads directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their services and offerings at the festival.

Other Places to Explore Near Glastonbury Festival

If you are heading off to Glastonbury with the kids or family you may want to explore the area around it before or after too. Here are some more things to do in and around Glastonbury.

  • The Wookey hole
  • Glastonbury Tor
  • Wells
  • Clarks Village
  • Glastonbury Abbey

Getting the right accommodation is really important then you can rest and relax and prepare for your festival whether its hot and sunny or rainy and muddy.


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