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My First Weekly Roundup.

At first when I sat down to write this post I thought i’d not done much this week. Then I realised just how forgetful I’m am and tried to wrack my brains, I haven’t sat down practically all week but I still can’t remember what I’ve done!

So for me a weekly roundup is perfect I can look back on whats important and where I’ve spent my time.

The week started with a new Camera! and how I love it. I took it out to play in Shoreditch. I only managed to read half of the manual, it will take time before I’m really familiar with it.


Harry has finally learnt how to use the bus for school, He loves the fact he is home within 15mins!

This week I taught Owen how to iron a shirt! I feel like maybe he should of known this a little earlier? He’s nearly 16. He normally likes to wear a shirt for a night out and didn’t mind doing it himself.


I had a fantastic week with friends, Starting with a great night with the girls going to see Bad moms the movie. We had a cheeky Nandos and then belly laughed all night, great therapy.

I met my friend in Shoreditch on Thursday  for a spot of vintage shopping and had a great lunch in my favourite restaurant Dishoom. The day was heaven for me and I found some great little numbers.


I met up with the hubby for a gorgeous dinner in a lovely little Italian  La-Tagliata. A 3 min walk form Liverpool street station its a hidden gem. I always start with my favourite Caprese salad.


Saturday night we had a lovely party with cocktails and champagne for my friend Suzzanes 50th birthday.

In-between all of this was the normally daily life thrown in, a handful of blogging, some hairdressing and lots of running around.

Next week will be different as we are back up to London for the theatre, so watch this space!.

The word this week is First there have been many of them. First ironed shirt, First weekly post, Harrys first time on the bus.


D x


The Reading Residence

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Tracey Williams

Friday 23rd of September 2016

Great post Donna. I always love reading Sarah's round up posts, and I agree that it's lovely to look back and what you have been up to. How fantastic was Bad Moms. I went to see it with my best friend a few weeks ago. Laughed all the way through it. Well done to your son for ironing a shirt. Hope you got a picture of the momentous occasion. Have a great week x


Sunday 25th of September 2016

I agree Bad Moms was great fun. Im off to see Bridget Jones this week can't wait! x

Sarah Christie

Sunday 18th of September 2016

Sounds like a fab week, and hurrah to Owen for ironing his shirt. Jack randomly ironed a top about a month ago and had done a few since, Chris and I nearly fainted ha ha! I love Shoreditch you need to go to the Montcalm for Lunch or Dinner it is fab x


Monday 19th of September 2016

Yes Sarah we need a trip to Montcalm, sounds amazing! loving the Monday escapes idea!

The Reading Residence

Sunday 18th of September 2016

Yay to all of the firsts! Sounds like a great week, packed with fun and firsts. Love the look of your camera, have fun with it! Thanks for joining in with #WotW

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