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Experience wine from around the world with Le petit Ballon Wine Club


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Le petit Ballon Wine Club the convenience of satisfying wines being delivered to your door each month with fool proof tasting notes.



Le petit Ballon Wine Club is an experience like no other, Perfect for the complete novice or an expert in knowing wine. The one thing you have to have in common is a love of wine. This is no doubt a wine box with a difference, Instead of receiving a random selection of wines each month each wine is carefully selected from many different winemakers and undergoes a blind tasting every month to find the wine of the month.

Each month for just £24.90 you will receive an two bottles of expertly chosen wine, A copy of the Gazette with practical and interesting information on Le petit Ballon Wine Club club with  in depth tasting notes for that months wine.


Experience wine from around the world with Le petit Ballon Wine Club


I love the fact a surprise box arrives at your door with all the information you need ready to drink and enjoy.

If  you do not like surprises you can of course opt for your choice of wine to be delivered. You can even opt to upgrade to the deluxe box version consisting of two prestigious bottles of wine.

I love receiving my box I popped the red in the cellar and the White straight in the fridge ready to drink.


With colour coding for each family of wine, Deciphering which to drink with what is foolproof


Le petit Ballon Gazette


I love a glass of wine and feel I know a little about them but having the notes makes it extra special when enjoying your wine.

For example all the wines are colour coded to make it easier to understand. You can instantly see if your wine is a mature wine, an easy drinker, a delicate wine or a creamy wine. This enables you to understand what food to pair your wine with and what sort of occasion.


I personally think any occasion is suitable for a glass of wine, it is so nice having the added insight. Of course it does not stop there, Jean -Michel Deluc adds his own personal tasting notes and information on where the wine was made and by who.




Learn about wine in your own home

The first bottle of wine we received was classed a ready wine. Marianne Wine estates okoma 2015 is powerful  fruity wine with low tannins. A blended wine made with the grapes Syrah, merlot, pinotage and cabernet sauvignon. This wine will keep until 2020 and is great with grilled spicy meats, cheddar and bleu de bresse cheese.

The wine is colourful on the eye, smells of red and black fruits with peppermint and liquorice to finish. The taste is velvety to start with a generous helping of black fruit and a spicy finish.

Is your mouth watering yet? I sound like I know my stuff, Not at all. This is just some of the information on each individual wine.



Experience wine from around the world with Le petit Ballon Wine Club


The white wine in my box was Chateaux Le grand Verdus Expression 2015 from the Bordeaux region in france. It was a refreshing white wine suitable for family lunch and is great with white meat or raw fish. Made with grapes Sauvignon Blanc, semillon and muscadelle it lends itself to a pale gold in colour with green flashes. The taste is of citrus and white flowers and is bolder on the nose.

See how exciting it is when you know about the wine?  I think it becomes more interesting and you are taken on a journey.


Le Petit Ballon Wine Club 1

Competition time

For a one month free subscription of Le petit Ballon Wine Club you can enter my competition here.

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Thank you I hope you enjoyed reading and learning about Le petit Ballon Wine Club I certainly did. For more wine experiences take a look at my other posts.

D x


This post was done in collaboration with Le petit Ballon Wine Club and all thought are my own personal opinion.



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  1. I am mainly a red wine drinker and prefer a Merlot but on hot summers day then a Pinot Grigio for me

  2. I love a real sparkling white English wine – There is a vineyard on the south downs that produce an amazing one

  3. My favourite wine is Vina Ardanza, but only on special occasions. my normal tipple is a very dilute white wine spritzer.

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