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Epcot Hats Around the World, America Tips.


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This week we are in America, and what a perfect opportunity to introduce you to my American Friends Steve, Carrie, Sam and Morgan in Epcot Hats Around the World, America Tips. We had the pleasure of meeting Steve and his family a few years back. Carrie and Steve met up with us in Disney and we toured the parks all together which was great.

Steve was particularly excited about visiting the American pavilion for the hat photo and as you can see Owen wanted to be the odd one out.


Epcot Hats Around the World, America Tips.

Epcot Hats Around the World, America Tips starts here with the good old fashioned american shopping in Heritage manor gifts. Purchase your Mickey memorabilia and of course you American revolution tricone hat.

• Tip, Say “Have a nice day” to the cast members, remember you are in America.

America is Situated half way around the World showcase over looking the lake, in the middle of the square stands a huge colonial style building the American Pavilion. This is made from 110,000 bricks handmade from Georgia clay that have been made to look old. The building stands over 5 storey’s high but has been made to look only 3.

The American pavilion it’s all about pictures and statues and the history of america. The gardens are planted with red white and blue flowers.


Epcot Hats Around the World, America Tips.


There is lots of food choice in America thats if you are not stuffed from your previous countries.

The liberty inn  where you will find you good old star spangled platters of American grub.  Hamburgers, chicken nuggets all in a colonial style eatery.

The fife and drum tavern where you can grab yourself a big turkey leg or some popcorn in this quick service restaurant. Grab yourself a beer here too.

Visit Block and Hans  for some American craft beer and a Mickey pretzel!

Funnel Cake  is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth. Try some of the sweet cake topped with one of your favourite sweet delights.


Epcot Hats Around the World, America Tips.


There are two main attractions in America.

The American Adventure

The amazing theatre can accommodate up to 1,024 guests , with a huge underground stage for storage of all of the sets , it’s a technical marvel and a must watch.

Follow the journey of Benjamin franklin and mark twain on an epic journey of the story of Americas history .

American Heritage Gallery

In the American heritage gallery take a journey through the 400 years of African American achievement . An exhibit showing Heritage, courage , hope and beliefs.


  • Tip, check out the paintings in the in the adventure show. Each one represents Americas history. For example, Staying the course a painting of two ships sailing out to sea, or Promise  of America a painting showing immigrants coming to America to see the Statue of Liberty.
  • Tip, the 12 statues in the pavilion show the spirit of America take a look. Each one displays a different American value such as a doctor showing Compassion, a mother and child showing Tomorrow and a school teacher for knowledge.


Epcot Hats Around the World, America Tips.


  • Tip, don’t forget to get the kids to colour in and get Duffy the Disney Bear stamped in America at the Kidcot stop
  • Tip, Listen to the voices of liberty a cappella group that sings patriotic songs in the rotunda.

Don’t forget to check the Disney app for  wait times and book your restaurants.

Thank you for visiting Epcot Hats Around the World, America Tips… I hope you come back for our next visit to Japan!

You can visit Norway here, or Germany Here.

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Epcot Hats Around the World, America Tips.






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