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How to Entertain kids in Camden.


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When I think of Camden I think of the bustling markets, street food, canal boats and trendy people. The kids had never experienced this before so off we headed for a day of culture, good food and plenty of shopping, So heres How to Entertain kids in Camden.

Now I know the kids don’t like shopping in fact they initially did not even want to come. But I  persevered as I remember being a teenager and finding that Camden was actually my favourite place to shop. We gave the kids some money to spend and I tried very hard not to dissuade them from their own independent purchases. We came back with a few interesting items to say the least.

First stop was Camden market this market has changed somewhat over the years , it used to be a bit more varied with arts and crafts stalls and some vintage thrown in. I remember purchasing an old leather jacket here many years ago and I thought I was the bee’s knees, now it’s more new items phone cases and the likes of printed tshirts. Owen and Harry both loved it here, plenty of chances to barter a bit for a good deal too.

camden kids

The street of Camden in itself is amazing the shops are all quirky with big over animated structures on the shop fronts. Huge Converse boots and Doctor Martins hang of the walls so much to see visually the boys thought it was really cool.

camden kids

One thing I love about this area is it has abundance of Street art. The boys even posed for me for photos and we got some great shots. Owen even ask me to take photos of him! He is normally so far away from the camera you can’t see him for dust. His funky beanie hat was one of his independant purchases might I add and I don’t think we have seen it since. There is street art on each corner which makes for a great back drop for photos.

camden kids

Next stop was the historic Camden lock where you can find anything from food stalls to to artisan stalls and quirky second hand shops.

The choice of food is is extensive with food from all over the world , Thai , Indian , Mexican and even cupcakes.

The smell is mouthwatering, I spend far too much time wandering around trying to make a decision. The kids love the food too, Owen had his favourite Halloumi and we opted for some nice paella. I’ve tried curry here and some amazing fruit smoothies you could really sit here all day and eat for not much money at all.

camden kids

You could even have your caricature  done if you are brave enough, was great fun the boys really enjoyed this.

camden kids

If you fancy venturing a bit further you could always take a canal tour boat to London Zoo or Little Venice, you can get the boat as a return or one way. Trips are almost every hour and displayed on the board. You won’t be going on a gondola but this looked great fun also.

camden kids

One of my favourite shops is the modfather shop in the Stable market further up, If your lucky you will catch one of the bikers with their mod scooter and many mirrors. I wish I had taken a close up of the mirrors, the look on Owens face was priceless.

camden kids

You could trail for ages amongst the many shops and spend very little or as much as you like, There are many real vintage stores with some good original pieces in store. Lots of jewellery stalls with trinket  jewellery and more artisan silver jewellery too.

camden kids

One must visit shop if you have the kids with you is Cyberdog. Its a futuristic clothing and accessory shop, Buy neon clubbing outfits, Lightup shoes and quirky gifts in a loud buzzing environment. T-shirts light up while podium dancers strut their stuff to very loud club music, It really is an experience.

camden kids

I have found the best time to visit Camden is at the weekend, Saturday’s are generally slightly less busy than Sunday and Bank holidays. I’ve even visited mid week and managed to get a bench to eat my food on which can be a rare sight. If you don’t have the kids with you pop up to Proud bar in the stables market for a cocktail and hopefully catch happy hour.

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    1. Thank you so much! Camden is a really fun place , it’s great you are so close. I only hope my two enjoy it as much as me xx

  1. Wow, the colours and vibrancy! Definitely a place to visit – to just with kids but really for people of all ages! #MondayEscapes

  2. It looks like loads and loads of fun. Camden was always on my must do list when I went to London pre kids. I must get back there more often. Thanks for linking up to #MondayEscapes

  3. I was lucky enough to grow up just up the road from Camden Market and used to walk down to spend my pocket money there. You’re pictures are amazing and have really captured it so well.

    You’re right that it has changed so much, I find it a real shame. But having moved out to the suburbs, it is still trendier than anywhere my kids have been before, so it is still great to take them back.


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