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Domestic goddess! ( not ) coping with building mess!

I strive all the time to keep things organised and clean and tidy , It’s so hard! I have a good old tidy up vacuum and dust and before I know it it’s chaos again!

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Having a house under construction again does no favours,
So first i took  to packing most of our ornaments, books and things not needed in to boxes to save on dusting. This meant i had a good clear out too.
It’s got to be a better idea than leaving it all on display plus it’s leaving me with time to do all those odd jobs that can be done whilst living on a building site .

So today I’ve cleaned out the washing machine , once I took the drawer out I couldn’t believe the junk tucked up at the back, with the washing machine washing our clothes I figured it can’t be that good when you open the door and it smells like wet dog ?
Well it won’t now, Door rim sparkling inside and out and beautiful nice clean clothes coming up.

Next sort those drawers , just grab one tip it out and go , any drawer just do it.

I chose Owens top desk drawer  Which has left me with more stuff to send to charity. But it’s gone!!!
Can I feel the weight lifting? Well not quite but surely  I’m on the way to achieving domestic goddess status!


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