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This is why Dishoom is The best Bombay café around.

One of the great things about London is the variety of restaurants. I love to try new places all the time and rarely go back unless they are amazing. Dishoom is one of these places. If I’m in London for the day I at least try to do lunch or dinner here, as I never tire of it. This is why Dishoom is The best Bombay café around.

dishoom covent garden

Dishoom is an old Irani style cafe straight from Bombay, Irani cafes came about in the 1960s with the move of immigrants from Iran.

At the peak there were almost four hundred cafes, now fewer than 30 remain.

Dishoom has recreated the cafe style in their architecture and of course their food capturing a unique environment in the heart of London.

Dishoom has simply ticked all the boxes, the staff are really warm, friendly and extremely helpful with choosing your food.

Dishoom Carnaby street bar bolly belinni

The cocktails are to die for! You must try the Bolly Bellini its perfect! A mixture of Raspberry, Rose and lychee with Prosecco. And the chai teas are out of this world.

dishoom cocktail bar

The food is rich, spicy, hearty and inexpensive. The choice is simply laid out with spicy breakfasts, small plates and grills.

Below is the Gunpowder potatoes, Murgh Malai chicken thighs, The house black daal ( which is so rich and glossy its amazing) The Chicken ruby ( sweet and spicy ) The raita ( cool mint yogurt ) and a selection of breads.

dishoom food bombay cafe

We try to try something different each time we go, A different Curry or starter maybe. Another tip is each restaurant has a different chefs special, so it’s a good reason to try all of the restaurants. Below is the Prawn Moilee from Dishoom Covent Garden.

dishoom chefs special

Be prepared to wait a little while as Dishoom is always busy. You can only reserve tables for breakfast and lunch, or dinner for more than 6 people. We normally have a wait when we go, but pretty quickly you are in to the bar for a drink before being seated at your table.

I did used to think why would people queue for all of that time? And sometimes in the rain! I soon learnt that Dishoom is well worth the wait.

Dishoom carnaby street bombay restaurant

The Dishoom at Carnaby is a huge restaurant and we have had more luck getting in here quicker.

dishoom 1960s interior design

The cafes themselves have a buzz and are decorated quirky. Bent wood chairs , Stained mirrors , old vases, and vibrant colours. In fact the above picture is in Carnaby street, Its just like sitting in your front room. It won’t be long before we will be visiting again soon, I could eat there every day.


Now all I have to do is visit the other restaurants and the new Edinburgh branch that is opening soon. Then maybe Bombay itself and try out one of the old original restaurants open since 1914!

Thanks for visiting D x


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