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Creating a Cosy Home at Christmas with Contemporary Greys

Add a little sparkle and some cool contemporary greys to your home this christmas


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It’s that time of year again when it’s cold outside and it’s time to think about Christmas decorations. I love Creating a Cosy Home at Christmas and each year I like to add something new.
Gone are the days of putting up a tree with the same decorations every year. When I was child I got so excited about the tree going up. We had a small tree about 4 foot high that sat on a side board. It had the same decorations that had been collected over time. The odd flower fairy sat in our tree with multicoloured lights and chocolate foiled treats. My mum even tried to iron foil hanging lanterns one year much to our dismay! But none the less the house felt warm and cosy and the excitement of Christmas was just around the corner.

I have been collecting decorations in my home for years and every year I like to add to my collection or instantly update the look with something new. This year I wanted to add some warmth to my living room with cosy cushions and throws. I Chose contemporary neutral pieces that can be used every year.


Creating a Cosy Home at Christmas with Cox and cox


Neutral greys in warm cosy fabrics

I found the perfect bits to do just that at Cox and Cox. I love this stag fleece blanket which is two shades of grey on one side and the softest warm cream fleece on the other. It is large and being double sided looks great in many different settings.

I love fleeces to protect my sofas from my three pesky dogs but also to grab when feeling a little chilly.
I am not sure I want to share this blanket with my dogs though it’s too good. However I think I may be too late for that though, as soon as I laid it across my sofa Dolly jumped on board!


Cox and Cox contemporary Christmas decorating stag reindeer blanket fleece


Cox and Cox contemporary Christmas dceorating Boston terrier on blanket


Stick to key shapes such as stars and snowflakes

When deciding on decorations I like to keep to key pieces that you can get out year after year. The grey wooden stars are just £5.50 for fifteen which is great value. I can think of a multitude of things to do with  them!
They look beautiful on the tree, hung from ornaments and furniture. Also for the photographer in me they will look fabulous for my flatlays!

The wooden snowflake cushion is such a classic design I will treasure it for years to come. It looks great on the bed, on a chair in the hall or the sofa. In fact I think I need to invest in some more as I’m finding it hard to decide where it should live.


Cox and Cox contemporary Christmas dceorating stars on tree


Keeping a neutral colour such as greys mean they can go anywhere around the home. The cushion and fleece looked perfect in my hallway against the dark blue walls, draped over the bed or even in my sons room. Later on my son sneaked off with the blanket to his room! I think I am going to need to keep Tabs on this one!


Cox and Cox contemporary Christmas decorating chair and cushion


 All that glitters!

I never feel like anything is finished until it is lit. Lights make the perfect warming effect in the home at christmas. Who can resist fairy lights glowing in hidden spaces around the home. Lights on the tree, the banister, the door wreath, in fact everywhere. So it is no wonder I fell in love with this mini rose gold tree with lights on. The warm glow of the rose gold lights fit perfectly around the home be it popped on a shelf or table.


Cox and Cox contemporary Christmas decorating rose gold wire tree

It just goes to show that your whole house can be decorated and made to look cosy with just a few key pieces that you can use year after year. Grey as well as Silver and gold work for main colours, adding coloured balls the year after give another effect altogether.

This may be only the start for me as I still have to dress my Christmas trees. However I know that this year my home will definitely look cosy.

Thank you for reading Creating a Cosy Home at Christmas with Contemporary Greys. I hope you enjoy decorating your home this year.

I was kindly gifted articles from Cox and Cox of my own choice and all opinions are my own.

D x



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  1. I love this time of year when your house is all cosy and warm. I love the blanket and the little wooden stars, and what a bargain for them. I can’t wait to get our decorations out and buy some new ones x

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