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Cantu Shea Butter Curly hair products available in the UK

Cantu Curling products review to help with curly and wavy hair available in the UK

Is cantu curly girl approved and right for you?

The battle to find the right products for your hair is even more evident when using the curly girl method. On the look out for the right products for my hair I thought I would try Cantu Shea Butter. Cantu Shea butter have an extensive range of products and they are readily available to buy in the UK. Are Cantu curly girl approved? Most of the Cantu curly girl products are approved but you have to check as some are not. So which Cantu products are curly girl approved? Read on to find a full list of Cantu Curly Girl approved products.

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I was so excited to try them and I loved exploring these products in my Cantu review. I have used a few cantu products before and the Cantu Curling custard is one of my favourites. Cantu products are formulated with Shea Butter and they avoid using harsh ingredients. If you are starting out on the curly girl routine or even just want to tame your unruly curls Cantu Shea butter products will help you do just that.

Cantu Shea Moisture for natural hair review  Cantu Cleansing Cream shampoo a Curly Girl method clarifying shampoo review

My first thing to try was the Cantu Cleansing cream shampoo. This Curly Girl friendly shampoo was wow! it smells beautiful like a Caribbean holiday and very coconut. It lathered up extremely well and I actually felt like I was shampooing my hair. My hair felt clean but also not too squeaky and dry.This shampoo contains Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sultanate which is not a sulfate. It is one of the best ingredients to remove silicone and other buildup from the hair. It is a surfactant and can be drying for some hair, but it is great for clarifying your hair. I would use this shampoo every few weeks to make my hair weightless again.

 Cantu Hydrating Cream Conditioner review

This smelt great and had a great slip and is smooth and creamy. It made my hair smell delicious and was not weighty at all. In fact the Curly Conditioner it worked great with the shampoo and my hair felt the best it has felt in a long time.

It does contain an ingrediant called Isodoecane which is not strictly curly Girl friendly but after reading up I am fairly confident this would not cause a build up. For more information take a look here.

Cantu Define and shine curling custard review

This is my faithful product which I love! Cantu curling custard is a dream to work with. Think of curling custard as gel that creates hold for your curls and holds in moisture. It does not feel sticky in your hair before or after drying so much so I do not need to wash my hands whilst drying. Normally Curling custards are sticky until completely bone dry this however is not. I use a generous amount to help create a cast. After it is evenly distributed through your hair scrunch in hands and either diffuse or air dry. Once your hair is completly dry fluff hair by scrunching out the crunch to achieve soft bouncy curls.

Cantu Moisturizing Curl activator cream review

This is a fabulous product and is curly girl friendly. When I first used Cantu Moisturising Curl activator cream I wasn’t sure how much I should use. As I have low porosity wavy roots my hair gets weighed down very easily. No problem, a tiny bit of Cantu Moisturising Curl activator cream goes a long way. For very dry coily high porosity hair you can use quite a bit. For low porosity a pea sized amount alongside my other Cantu products gives my hair unbelievable shine.

Cantu Comeback Curls next day curl revitaliser review

This product is amazing for your next day frizz. I spritzed this curly girl friendly curl reviver into my hands and gently scrunched and smoothed on to my hair. The Cantu Comeback curls refresh your curls easily. You can use this with a bit of water as well if you wish. It made my hair feels smooth and shiny again as well as smelling absolutely gorgeous. This is a great every day product that I do not think I could do without now.

Cantu Shea butter Curly girl product results and review

Products that can be used with caution but are not entirely Curly Girl friendly are –

Cantu leave-in conditioner repair cream review

The Cantu leave in conditioner is a dream, thick and creamy yet not too heavy. This leave -in conditioner helps to repair hair as well as hydrating and moisturising. I used quite a bit on very wet hair and then plopped. It did not weigh my hair down at all but as it is not strictly curly girl friendly I wouldn’t use it all the time.  However if you are using the clarifying shampoo it would not strictly cause any problems and would still help style curly hair. It does have a silicone in it but this product still contains so many other good ingredients I wanted to include it as not everyone is following the curly girl routine.

Overall verdict on Cantu Shea Butter shampoos and conditioners.

My hair felt a lot lighter than previously with some heavier conditioning products.

Even after all three products my hair felt very soft and light not at all weighed down. Not only was it shiny and soft but the Cantu shea butter products made my hair smell beautiful too. The custard leaves a light cast which gives me beachy waves and curls which I love. I can use Cantu products alongside my other products to tailor suit my routine depending on what my hair requires.

The Cantu Shea Butter products are also a really decent size 400ml for the shampoo and conditioner. This makes Cantu really affordable and they are brilliant value for the money. You can purchase Cantu online at Feel unique or Pak cosmetics or at good pharmacies such as Boots and Superdrug in the UK. They are priced at around £4 to £5

Another good thing is the advice on the bottles helping you with which products to use with what. For instance Cantu Moisturising Curl activator cream can be mixed in with the defining custard  for extra shine and hold.

Which Cantu products are curly girl approved?

So with that said which Cantu Products are curly girl approved and good for when you are doing the curly girl method?

These Cantu products below are widely available and CGM approved;

I hope reading this Cantu Shea Butter Curly hair products guide it has helped in your product choice.

I was kindly gifted some of these products for my honest review. All opinions are that of my own.



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  1. Thanks so much for the information. I live in Ireland and had been searching for products that I could easily find in the local stores without burning a hole in my pocket. Your recommendations are really helpful

  2. I’ve only just been toying with the idea of going silicone and sulphate free to help curl definition of my 2b/c wavy hair. Your articles are really helping me choose easily available products to start with more confidence. Those ingredient lists are so scary! The Curlsbot site that you mentioned will probably really help too. Thanks so much

  3. I use several of the Cantu products and my dry, wavy,”hay” like hair has NEVER felt so good! I stumbled upon the CGM about a month ago and what a change I’ve seen!!

  4. Hi Donna,
    I’m just starting off on my curly girl journey and I’ve bought some of the Cantu products to start with. I wanted to ask whether the Cantu Cleansing Cream shampoo is suitable for my final wash or should I do one final wash with my sulphate containing shampoo? Thank you

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