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Blue Coffee Box Subscription delivered to your door


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Blue Coffee Box believe in good coffee

One of my favourite things in winter is a nice cup of coffee and a good book. Why not try a Blue Coffee Box Subscription delivered to your door this Winter.

We are avid coffee drinkers in my house and since we have had a built in coffee machine we have not bought a jar of instant since. So when I found out about the Blue coffee box I was a tad excited!
Coffee is just like a great wine or champagne, it is the way it has been grown and nurtured. Then it is all about the journey it takes from the ground until it reaches your cup.

So what about having 3 unique speciality coffees delivered to your door every month! Which means a great new fresh tasting coffee every few days. You could even give it as a Christmas gift this year to a coffee loving friend.


Blue Coffee Box Subscription packets


It’s all about the grind!

With your subscription to blue coffee box you get plenty of choices. First off decide if it’s for you or a friend, then choose your choice of preparation grind. Do you want whole beans or ground for a cafetière, a dripped coffee or an espresso.
You also get to choose your roast from light, medium, dark, decaf or a surprise each month.
Finally choose if you would like one or two boxes a month and how long you would like your subscription to last.
The longer your subscription is for the more money you save and the cheaper the coffee.


Blue Coffee Box pride themselves in an ethical approach


Blue in fact stands for; Best of the best, luxury, unique and ethical. Dealing directly with the farmers the coffee is purchased using fair trade protecting the farming future for the families and the producers.

Blue Coffee would also like everyone to stop using coffee pods and disposable coffee cups as pods are destroying the environment. In the UK, it is estimated that these 1000 tons of coffee pods went into landfill last year alone.


Blue Coffee Box Subscription flatlay photo autumn winter

Tasting notes

I was so surprised to taste the difference in the coffees, because you are drinking them one after another it makes for a really exciting surprise each time you choose a new one.

With coffees from the likes of countries such as Colombo , Honduras , Guatemala and Rwanda you will be sure to find one that you love. Each coffee that you receive will have tasting notes on the packet with lots of information telling you the region, the producer and the process of how it was made. It will even let you know the altitude the coffee came from the roaster and the flavour.

Just imagine trying coffee with notes of chocolate, fruit or almond it is Devine! It’s a great idea and so much more exciting than just getting the same old coffee every week from the supermarket, I loved trying the different coffees in fact I was wishing the packets away to try the next one.

If you would like to try a months subscription of Blue Coffee Box for yourself why not enter the competition below. I am sure you will love it.

Competition is for UK residents only and finishes on the

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I was kindly gifted a Blue Coffee box subscription but all opinions are my own.



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  1. I love my coffee with rice milk no sugar I’m intolerant to cows milk & find rice milk a healthy alternative

  2. I don’t drink coffee! But I’d love to win this for my parents – they like their coffee with a dash of milk and no sugar

  3. As it comes but black with no sugar. Went off milk when someone made me one with milk that had gone off and reduced the 2 sugars I used to have slowly so don’t take any any more.

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