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Big Home improvement ideas

What type of extension should I do to improve my home? Here are my Big Home improvement ideas

Doing a big home improvement can be a daunting experience, and there are endless ways to extend and enhance your home. Knowing what to tackle first in your home can be the hardest part.

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First, you need to work out where you need the most space. Or what would improve your lifestyle? Could you do with an extra bedroom? More living space? or do you want to add value to your home?

Here are some big home improvement ideas with different options to make your living space more useable for your family.

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Add a home extension

Extend your home to add space and value to your home. There are many types of extensions for your house, you could add;

  • A side extension
  • A rear extension
  • Extend a roof for more loft space
  • double height extension
  • A front porch or boot room
  • An Orangery or conservatory

A loft extension can make another bedroom or hobby space, and you could even change your roof to fit.

An orangery or a conservatory will let in light to your home and extend your living space into the garden.

What about adding a porch to the front of your home? a place to leave your boots, umbrellas, hats and coats?

Instead of just extending out of the back of your house on one level, why not try adding a double-height extension? In doing this, you would gain extra living space. You would also add an extra bedroom or bathroom. Extending your home is a big job it can also be expensive so you need to take into consideration the cost of a double story extension. Saying that, the benefits of extending your home can also be very fulfilling.

Rear double height house extension with bi folding doors
A Double height house extension after photo

How do I know how far I can extend my house?

You are allowed to build an extension without planning permission up to a certain size. Check your local government website for the exact measurements before you decide to extend. You can find planning information for your home on the Planning Portal.

Looking at your neighbour’s homes is generally a good rule of thumb for what might be allowed. Do your neighbours have a Juliet balcony or loft extension? However, you would still need to apply for planning permission to legalise this.

double height home extension before snd after photo

What design should the exterior of my home extension be?

The design of your exterior extensions should be taken into account. Do you have a modern home or a traditional-looking home? If you have old fashioned home you make want to try and make the extension appear to be like it was already there.

You can do this by using similar materials for your extension such as similar bricks or even reclaimed bricks.

Alternatively you can choose to make your rear extension a modern contrast of old and new. A traditional house with a modern orangery looks contemporary and is bang on trend.

Other Big Home improvement ideas

Sometimes a simple lick of paint is all that you need to update your home or some new interior furniture. But if you are looking to make a big difference, there are a number of other things you could try if an extension is too big a job.

Add solar panels

What to add something big to your home that will make a change? Why not add some solar panels to your roof. Solar panels create energy to power your home. What could be better than creating green energy for your family?

Redesign your garden

Redesign your grade and upgrade summer chairs and get your Garden Ready for Summer. You could add Pergola or plant new shrubs and borders.

Fit a new bathroom

There is nothing better than a new modern fitted bathroom. Maybe it is time to rip out the old bath and put in a wet room?

Add a Cellar

This may seem a bit extreme but did you know you can add a cellar to your existing home? Spiral Cellars can add a cellar with a difference a complete drop down spiral to house your beloved wine or even groceries.

The best time to put one of these in would be when you are doing an extension to save on the mess! But it can be done at any time.

Move an interior wall

Sometimes just moving a wall can make a dramatic difference to your home living space. Some big home improvements can be made like this. A small living area and kitchen can become a open planned kitchen dining room for the whole family to share.

Open planned kitchen with a spiral cellar in place
An open plan kitchen with a Spiral Cellar

Tip! While work is in progress move out!

If you choose to do major work to your home it may be advisable to move out for a while. Its can be very messy, wet and dusty. If it is not possible to do so you can put up internal temporary walls to separate yourself from the chaos.

Thank you for reading my Big Home improvement ideas

D x

This post was in collaboration all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Home extension ideas open plan kitchen and rear bi fold doors


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