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My Latest New Beauty Buys from the Exciting Makeup Brand Mina.(3ina)


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Here are My Latest New Beauty Buys from the Exciting Makeup Brand Mina.

I decided I needed a bit of pampering and a new face of makeup so I popped in to the 3ina (pronounced mina ) makeup store in Covent Garden for some treats.

Covent garden is one of the best places to go for make up and beauty as it’s a hive of flagship stores and the latest innovative techniques, Makeup Brand Mina is one of them a modern flagship store in James street.

Mina is a new make up brand from Sweden which you can not buy online. You will find every product there is to experiment with amongst shelves and stands of bright colour. The fresh professional packaging stands out as new and exciting wanting you to pick it up and try it. There is lots of helping hand for you in store to try and experiment with different products and styles.


My Latest new Beauty buys from the exciting brand 3ina. eye make up


I first went in store for a lipstick but opting  for a complete change I thought I would buy my whole face in there so to speak. I was like a kid in a sweet shop, with so much choice so much colour and products at really really affordable prices.

The Chubby Stick ( £ 7.95 ) took my eye immediately. Normally chubby sticks can be quite translucent but this is a soft moisturising blast of colour. Slightly matte in effect and non drying.

Next up was the Lip Gloss ( £ 7.95 ) which had to be one of the most intense colours I have seen. A shiny gloss  of colour that last’s well for that Instant glossy pout.


My Latest New Beauty Buys from the ExcitingMakeup Brand Mina. mina make up


The Lip Pencil comes with a handy brush on the end. Easy to use instant colour thats soft enough to just glide on.

The bronzer ( £ 13.95 ) is fantastic! I chose a Matt tan colour which wasn’t too dark for my skin. Again no need to keep going over for more depth the pigment is really compact and goes on to the brush easily.



The blusher (£ 10.95 ) great colour impact in variety of shades to make your cheeks pop. Easy to glide on with your brush as it picks up the colour well.

The Eyeshadow (£ 6.95 ) with such a massive choice of pure pigmented colours you can really have fun here. They are Crease free and can also be applied with a wet brush for added intensity. Pareben and cruelty free.


My Latest New Beauty Buys from the Exciting Makeup Brand Mina 3ina.


There are so many other pieces I would love to try such as coloured mascaras and eye pencils.

With the affordable prices and the deals they often do I can see myself visiting again very soon. The Makeup Brand Mina really makes makeup fun again and you know you are going to get a good quality professional product. Theres no worry like some other brands that you are going to put 3 things in you basket and end up with a till receipt that will break the bank.

I suggest you hop on down to Covent garden and check it out!

D x


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I have purchased these products of my own accord and not been paid for this review.




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