A lovely weekend rambling with friends in Roughlee Lancashire .

A lovely weekend rambling with friends in Roughly Lancashire, It did end up with us getting rather wet!

We went down to visit our good friends Sarah and Chris last year and took yoda , a few weeks after we left the Christies adopted Toby! So this time yoda and Toby met.

This of course prompted a fresh walk in the rain with two

husbands two monkeys and two dogs in tow ( the teens weren’t quite so fussed).

I’ve known Sarah for many years , We’ve had many holidays and great times together and we even went on to having two boys each of the same ages who we now godparents to.

We always have a laugh and do things the same even though we live nearly 260 miles apart!
Chris Sarah’s husband and who was also Darren’s best mans jokes all the time that we always have the same , ” well what a surprise jacks got an auntie Emma and So has Owen, Donnas got this top and so has Sarah! “
Well it always seemed like that anyway haha.
We now even blog together. You can visit Sarah here at her blog Extraordinary Chaos here

The views of the rolling  hills are stunning,The dogs loved it and the boys thought walking in the river was brilliant.
 The boys in the stream, just before the rain.
Then the rain started and we ended up with two muddy Dogs and two muddy children . Good times.
Thanks for a lovely weekend The Cristies!

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