What in your tesco shopping trolley?

Whilst standing at the queue in tesco I was l looking at my conveyor belt of bits thinking each bit tells a story, ok so i sound like nuts but my brain was ticking it over.
Tesco conveyor what did you buy
So it was a quick shop but the rolls are there because I have my friend Julie over for lunch and to do her hair, was slighted peeved that one roll is 40p and six were 60p? Think this is very misleading especially for people living on there own or who don’t notice , so much for not promoting waste too.
If it’s 60p for six the rolls are 10p each???
Why should people be ripped off? (Rant over)
Mince , beans, salsa, got the family over for dinner as it’s Lewis’s birthday ( my little brother ) easiest thing to cook for lots of people with jackets too. The refried beans in a can are for the nachos which as you can see when I got home I realised I’d forgot them. My friend Kirei made amazing nachos with them a while ago and they were fantastic!
Fat free Greek yogurt much healthier than sour cream.
Hot cross buns, that means Easter is near , I have got a great recipe for hot cross buns will share soon they are super scrummy to make, two packs here as it cheaper again so will freeze one.
Chocolate brioches, much easier to buy in the uk now . These remind me of France and are a great filler for the kids.


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