Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser review

Today in the post I received a brochure and free trial of a Liz Earle product so it’s inspired me to tell you about my favourite  beauty product.

The Liz Earle range consists of luxurious body, face, hair and make up ranges using amazing ingredients and scents,
The products feel like a real treat to use.
Cleanse and polish is one of there well known products and one that I love!
I’ve never been a fan of cleansers you have to wash off as I feel like it drys out my skin but this doesn’t .
The ingredients are very natural and would be great for skin that’s prone to spots or delicate skin as it won’t strip it and promote more oil production.
The product gently cleanses and exfoliates its smooth and creamy in consistency and contains chamomile and cocoa butter to name but a few. It even has eucalyptus oil in which is fabulous in the morning as very refreshing and  it smells amazing.
The idea is to massage in to your face and wash of with a nice hot cloth it feels very luxurious and my skin never feels dry. It removes all traces of the days make up and grime.
The polish comes in various sizes in a tube or a pump so great to get a smaller one for travel you often get a sample one free too when you order online.
A starter kit is £14.75 for a 100 ml pump and a cloth, but every month they do an offer for your essentials , this month one for March 2014 is 200mls cleanse and polish ,plus tonic ( toner)  , moisturizer , a cloth and an eye creme for £43, think I may well be investing .
I’ve a few other Liz Earle favourites that I use that I will review next time, I m of now to try the bergamot & ginger silky body lotion they sent me!
Watch this space! X

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