Diet Monday , twinings peach and cherry blossom green tea review

Now I don’t confess to knowing all about dieting and being a size 10 I here you say you don’t have to diet!

Well not entirely true! After having the boys my weight steadily started to go up a couple of pound here starve a bit loose a pound and a couple more pounds there, before you know your one or two stone heavier and up two dress sizes.
So i went to Slimming World! which was fantastic and a real eye opener I didn’t know half the stuff was even fattening!
I lost well over a stone and I’ve managed to keep it off even now.
So I thought I make diet Mondays the days where I tell all my little tips and tricks of how I keep it under control. After all we all know what it’s like after the weekend!
Today’s tip Green tea!

Yuk thats for detoxing ,I hear you say! Well there are so many different types of teas now flavoured, green , jasmine and best of all 1 calorie!
With slimming world you were allowed 250ml skimmed milk per day so I have my cup of coffee in the morning and the rest of the day it’s green tea I do stick to this very occasionally on a coffee afternoon I may stray but to be honest coffee gives me headaches!

This Twinnings variety is my new favourite, peach and cherry blossom and probably a good first one to try as its a bit sweeter than regular green tea .

Slightly fruity and very refreshing !

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