My Orchid love!

I’ve always loved Orchids particularly the phalaenopsis variety since I bought one over 10 years ago! I still have that yellow one today.

After hearing about Kew gardens orchid festival which is taking place now I thought it would be well worth a visit!
Here are a few of mine I thought I would do a stock check so to speak before I went along and purchased yet another!


Lovely spotty one I’ve had maybe a year and keeps flowering,


Two miniatures purple one new bought for my birthday and the white one for my anniversary and has been in flower since April!


I love this beauty phaleanopsis about 4 years old fuchsia pink and lemon.


These two are similar a few years old but the second has a more marble effect.


The last one in flower is this plum beauty which I have had for about 6 years , it spikes constantly and produces many flowers of which only one is left at the moment .
I did purchase a blue orchid below which was stunning but obviously as they are dyed is now a stunning white when it grows back.


Ill update on any purchases including if I come home with the latest hybrid to the uk diamond sky ! I may just treat myself!

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