{hi all}

Sorry i haven’t disapeared , Just been to visit my friend in lancashire. Had a lovely time though i was ill while i was there just after saying that im never ill??? Still getting over it now!
Had a great time visited Dawn bibbys shop at oswaldtwistle mills always have to have mosey on round there only it is a little harder now we have four children between us rather than two! Still the play area came in handy!
This weekend we visited epping forest a fave place of ours we went to scatter my grandads ashes, it wasnt a sombre afair we had a lovely day fed the ducks Owen loved it, it was very peacefull .
It was my grandad favourite place as he lived there all his life and learnt to swim in the lost pond, myself and my sister both have fond memories of trampling leaves and paddling in the brook . We shall go again soon .Heres some pics of the day.
My stash diets not bad only brought necessitys at topaz (metal ruler, white ink pad etc) I have done three los (nowhere near fifty!!!) but i have done two scrapagogo ones two thats five but i dont think i can count them as they were a new kit!!


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