{sunday 30th}

Hi all We had our aniversary on friday Three years (so far so good ) haha, Had a lovely meal at the magic mushroom did’nt take the camera though!
Scrap camp was brilliant, myself and my sister went along to scrap we also took my mum and nan to stay at the hotel. They went visiting relatives while we scrapped!
Must say a big well done to Mandy and her team for a great weekend!
I won three challenges over the weekend and so did Emma My sister! This lo was a class kit that i slighty adapted for the challenge. I won this challenge but only because no one else entered this one Haha ( you got to be in it to win it! )
We had some games on the saturday night , scrap quiz ( we were rubbish) Build a tower out of paper and sellotape (we won!!!) and a blind folded scrapping contest which we too only i dont know how i will upload that photo another time!!


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